Executive Program Admissions

Treatment Alternatives offers a unique executive program that offers drug treatment for executives. This is more than a luxury drug treatment program, this is a solution to a problem that many high-level executives, CEOs, CMOs, and managers face when dealing with addiction: namely, how can you treat addiction while maintaining a high-level job?

The executive program at Treatment Alternatives is that answer. We offer drug treatment for executives that have to stay active in their jobs while detoxing and recovering from addiction.

To start, let’s look at the admission process for our executive drug treatment program:

One Note:

Our executive drug treatment program patients value their privacy, and no one understands that more than we do which is why we maintain a high level of personal privacy. We offer a safe place for high level executives to detox and recover from their addictions.

Upon admission the following things are done.

Executive Program Admissions

Within 5 minutes of excuse program admission, nursing will assess the patient’s vitals signs and physical appearance for s/s of general health and any withdrawal symptoms if the patient is stable the administrative admission process will begin. However, if they are NOT stable at that time nursing will determine whether the patient is medically stable enough to be admitted if it is determined they aren’t they will be transported to the closet hospital for continued assessment and clearance to be admitted to our facility their emergency contact will be notified accordingly.

If the patient is stable the administrative admission process will be completed by the behavioral health technician which will include a POC urine drug screen to determine what substances the patient has been using in addition a Breathalyzer will be administered to ascertain BAL.

When this is completed nursing will complete a head to toe skin assessment looking for cuts, burn abrasions etc.

Our staff is not only fully trained to deal with the reality of addiction withdrawals, our luxury drug treatment program maintains a level of professionalism. The entire executive program admissions process is handled at a level that executives have come to expect.

The next step is a full a thorough nursing admission which includes.

  • PPD (tuberculosis skin test)
  • HIV/AIDS screen
  • Suicide risk assessment
  • Pain assessment
  • Fall risk assessment
  • CIWA and COWS (used to determine the severity of withdrawal symptoms)

A nursing admission which will include a detailed and through medical, psychiatric and substance abuse history. which will cover all body systems i.e. Eyesight, hearing, heart, lungs etc. The nursing summary at the end of the nursing assessment will document any previous Surgeries, injuries or current medical conditions i.e. Diabetes, high blood pressure etc, history physical, verbal or sexual abuse, previous diagnosis, previous/current medications, allergies, family history of substance abuse of mental illness and any Medication orders given by the provider.

After nursing has completed the full admission the nurse will contact the medical provider which are on call 24 hours a day and we will be given a full and thorough history of the patients medical and substance abuse history. And what we have observed during the admission process in regard to withdrawal symptoms. The provider will give us medications orders and we will medicate the patient appropriately per the providers order.

The day to day medical/nursing cares involves the items listed below:

Vitals are taken every 4 hours while the patient is being prescribed detox medications (If the patient has not initiated detox protocols a CIWA or COW will be completed as well this helps us to continually monitor for changes in withdrawal symptoms)

Med pass is 5 times a day depending on the medication protocol the specific patient is being given. At each med-pass the patient is assessed and medicated accordingly.

The patient will be seen by either a ARNP or MD within 12 hours of admission into the executive program for a Medical H&P and a Initial Psychiatric evaluation. The provider will also review the nursing admission and summary for additional information. During the H&P the provider will determine if the patient is being adequately and/or appropriately medicated and will make medication changes as needed.

The patient will be seen daily by the provider to address any possibly patient issues or concerns. Nursing will also report any changes in the patient’s status and receive any needed changes per the provider.

We have nursing on staff 24 hours a day our nurse to patient ratio is 2 nurses per 15 patients which is above the state requirements. Detox can be very busy at times and chaotic we feel the more nurses the better. The entire executive program admission process is handled by trained professionals who understand the addiction detox process and the need for complete privacy.

Other medical/nursing services:

  • A complete blood draw including CBC, Metabolic panel, Hepatic panel, STD and HIV/AIDS testing among others.
  • a LCMS is performed upon admission with the urine that was collected upon admission to determine quantitative levels of substance abuse so we can better treat the patient.
  • Random urine drug screens are done throughout the stay to determine that levels are lowering.
  • We also facilitate any outside medical appointments i.e. Dental, Cardiac, Neo natal care or other outside specialties if needed. Nursing will also set up and additional medical care that is ongoing after completion of treatment i.e. OBGYN, Cardiac care or continued Psychiatric are.
  • Nursing groups that include medication education, STD prevention, Nutrition etc.

Clinical and Psychiatric services provided:

  • The patient will be assigned a primary therapist and will have a individual session daily.
  • The patient will attend multiple daily groups ranging from Life Skills, Relapse prevention along with other CBT.
  • There are daily AA/NA groups.
  • There are daily meditation groups.
  • There are daily music and art therapy groups.

The patient will also meet with case management to discuss discharge planning and aftercare.

The goal of the medical/nursing departmental team is to ensure a safe medical detox that will allow the patient to safely transition from an INP setting to a lower LOC. Our primary focus is patient care all patients are to be treated with dignity and respect. That is the standard that I and the rest of the medical team expect and strive for.

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