New York Drug Addiction

New York Drug Addiction

It is no secret that New York is one of America’s main drug hubs, due to the eighteen million people that call it home. The number of immigrants that this state attracts also allows drug traffickers from any country to blend in easily and distribute drugs throughout the city, thus making drug addiction in New York that much worse.

The most prominent drugs being circulated throughout New York currently are:


-Ecstasy (MDMA)




-Prescription drugs

While all of these drugs have high rates of abuse throughout the nation, there are much higher rates of heroin abuse and addiction in New York specifically. In fact, throughout recent years heroin use has drastically increased in upstate New York, causing younger suburban users to be the most recent addition to New York drug treatment programs. This has affected everyone from adults to teens, breeding a new generation of addicts and causing local officials to map out new plans for battling the growing heroin epidemic in the northeast. Recently, the drastic increase in heroin use caused Governor Andrew Cuomo to launch “Combat Heroin,” a campaign designed to inform and educate New Yorkers about the risks of heroin and prescription opioid use.

The high availability of drugs in New York show the staggering effect it has on its residents; in New York alone, more than a million people are reported to be addicted to drugs or alcohol. Moreover, over 400,000 people shared that they needed the help of New York drug treatment facilities but did not get it. As a result, this only contributes to the growing heroin epidemic in New York and further leads the local youth to get sucked into drug addiction as well. More and more, young adults are choosing to forgo going to college in order to foster a life of substance abuse, making easily accessible treatment more important than ever for the local communities.

For those who are seeking help, Treatment Alternatives of New York has the necessary resources and facility in order to help you overcome your substance abuse addiction. We offer comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment programs, including outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. Once you have completed your detox and treatment, we have sober living facilities that will help you get start your new life of sobriety.

If you or a loved one are in need of quality New York drug treatment programs, then call Treatment Alternatives of New York today.

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