Telling Your Parents About Your Addiction

Telling Your Parents About Your Addiction

If you have come to terms with your addiction, that is a huge step forward. The next step is telling your parents about your addiction, which in the moment may seem absolutely terrifying. Perhaps you are worried that they will see you differently, or that they will respond negatively and damage your progress at anaddiction treatment center in New Jersey. However, the alternative of not telling them could potentially be worse. Treatment Alternatives New Jersey would like to recommend some useful approaches to this situation in order to mitigate the tension.


• Send them a letter. Write down all of your feelings and confessions in a letter, and leave it for them to read. Usually, the frightening part about telling your parents about your addiction is the initial moment when you break the news. If you send the news in a letter, it gives your parents time to react naturally and let out any hurtful words while they are alone. Make sure you are not in the house when they read it, too. Also, don’t hold back in the letter. Use this method as a cathartic process; in some way, it is healing you to write it.


• Show them that you trust them. Approach the conversation in a way that demonstrates how much you trust them. Express that you value their opinions, and that you are opening up to them about your addiction because you believe they can help you. The way a conversation turns out is based on how you approach it. If you keep that in mind, you are able to maintain an element of control.


• Manage your emotions. If you lose control of your feelings when telling your parents about your addiction, your parents may not take you seriously about wanting help. They may call it “acting out,” rather than addressing a larger problem. You need to stay calm and explain that addiction is a disease. Also, if you remain calm, then you will ensure that the situation is not further aggravated. It may even help your parents maintain composure too.


• Encourage them to ask questions. Although telling your parents may feel uncomfortable, it is more detrimental to leave topics unsaid. Explain to them why you believe Treatment Alternatives New Jersey is the best next step for you. Lay out the details of your condition so that they take the talk seriously.


• Offer them some words of comfort to them. Remember, you are their baby. They are probably worried about your well-being. A natural response when parents discover that there is an issue with their child is that they blame themselves. Although this conversation is regarding your personally well-being, try your best to be compassionate and empathetic. Addiction affects the whole family. You’re going to need your family’s support during this time of struggle. Lean on them, but do not lash out at them. Remember that they are here to help you and love you unconditionally.

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