Signs That Someone Has a Prescription Drug Addiction

Signs That Someone Has a Prescription Drug Addiction

When it comes to dealing with prescription pill addiction, addressing it sooner rather than later is always the best option. Letting your loved one keep using drugs without getting any help from a New Jersey drug rehab center will only make it that much harder in the long run to get sober.

Initially, spotting someone with a prescription pill addiction can be difficult. However, it is important to know the signs to look for in order to make sure that your loved one has a successful chance at recovery.

Some signs of a prescription pill addiction include:

– Inability to quit using the drug.

– Taking higher doses of prescription medication than is recommended.

– Gets defensive when questioned about their drug usage.

– Inability to participate in a normal daily routine due to drug usage.

– Obsession with obtaining the drug.

– Withdrawal symptoms when the drug is not taken.

– Frequent tips to emergency rooms, claims of lost or stolen prescriptions, or doctor shopping.

– Inability to control mood swings.

If you have noticed that your loved one in question has one or all of the above signs of a prescription pill addiction, then the next step would be to make sure that they get the necessary help from a New Jersey addiction center. Considering that most prescription pill addicts do not step up and admit that they have a substance abuse problem voluntarily, if they even think that they have a drug problem at all, it can be a problem getting them to admit that they need treatment to begin with.

The next step would be to decide if you want to hold an intervention or not. This will help your loved one realize that they have a problem, as well as get the necessary help from a New Jersey drug rehab center. You can choose to do an intervention with your family or friends, or to ask for help from your New Jersey addiction center.

Once the intervention is organized, it is important to remember that the ultimate goal is to get your loved one to agree to accept treatment from a New Jersey drug rehab program. Emphasize the fact that the intervention is being held in order to help them, as the additional support will make your loved one feel more comfortable with an undeniably stressful experience. Creating a plan and sticking to it will help the intervention stay on track, be productive, and result in your loved one agreeing to finally get the help necessary in order get a fresh start for their life.


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