How Rehab Can Save Your Teen

How Rehab Can Save Your Teen

Addiction is hard on everyone involved. For teenagers, the pressure to engage in drug and alcohol consumption is monumental. Most teenagers don’t yet know how to deal with the weight of daily life, or cope with their emotions, so they turn to substances for a temporary release.

For any parent, standing by as you slowly lose your child to drugs or alcohol is an impossible struggle. It goes against your instinct to watch your child, who once had so much potential, begin to skip out on obligations, hang with a bad crowd, and fall into a downward spiral. When your child has an addiction, you begin to feel helpless, wondering if there is anything you can do to save them before it’s too late.

It can be a difficult decision for a parent to decide whether their teenager truly needs to go through a rehabilitation program. They may feel the addiction is just a phase, or not “bad enough” to be considered for rehab. The professionals at Treatment Alternatives in New Jersey want you to know that saving a teenager from drug and alcohol addiction now is setting them up for success in their adult lives.

Ask yourself the following questions when deciding if your teen should go to rehab:

  • Are drugs and alcohol interfering with my teenager’s daily functioning?
  • Is my teenager missing classes, practices, and other obligations?
  • Is my teenager getting into trouble with the law because of drug and alcohol use?

Here’s why you should put your teenager through rehab at the first sign of addiction:

The teenage brain is different from the adult brain

Because the teenage brain has more dopamine activity than an adult brain, teens are more likely to seek out rewarding experiences such as experimenting with drugs. The part of the adult brain that is responsible for decision making is not fully developed in an adolescent brain, therefore teenagers are more likely to make impulse decisions without considering consequences. Rehabilitation at Treatment Alternatives in New Jersey will teach your child life skills to avoid such behaviors.

Early exposure leads to learned addiction

Research shows teenagers who begin using addictive substances before 18 years old are almost seven times more likely to develop a substance abuse disorder which carries into adulthood. Putting your teen through a rehab program is renewing their potential for a successful, healthy life.

The development years of a teenage brain is a critical window for change.

A person’s ability to learn and change will never be greater than it is during adolescence. Since the teenage brain is still not completely developed, rehabilitation during teenage years allows for the brain to unlearn destructive tendencies. In your late teens and early 20’s, your brain is undergoing a dynamic change. This change presents the opportunity for you to remove bad habits and create good ones for the future.


Early intervention can decrease the risk of addiction and substance abuse in your teen’s adult years. Treatment Alternatives in New Jersey can help your teenager take back control of their life.

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