The Phases of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

The Phases of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

When deciding where to get treatment for alcohol abuse, and making sure that you make the right choices when it comes to treatment centers, it helps to understand the phases of alcohol abuse treatment when getting help from a New Jersey drug rehab center.

There are four main phases to treatment, which include the initial assessment, detoxification, active treatment and maintaining sobriety. These four steps are the most important parts of getting treatment for an alcohol abuse problem.

Getting Started. In order to get the help needed for an alcohol abuse problem, the alcoholic must first admit to having a problem and actually express interest in wanting to get help for it. After this happened, then a detailed treatment plan with goals and choices must be created. Taking the first step is the hardest part, so once this is done everything else should flow much more smoothly.

Detoxification. Medical management is the most important during this phase of getting help at a New Jersey addiction center; many people who are detoxing from alcohol will experience dangerous withdrawal symptoms. It is at this stage that the person makes the commitment to change, to become sober, and to avoid alcohol indefinitely. Detoxification is the phase where people may give up and turn back to alcohol because the symptoms are too much to handle.

Active Treatment. During the first three to six months that someone is sober is when a relapse to alcohol abuse is most likely to occur. Throughout this time, you can also expect to experience mood changes, complaints of anxiety, depression, insomnia and hormone and sleep problems. That is why that receiving active help during this period of your stay at a New Jersey drug rehab program is vital to the success of your recovery. It is also during this phase of alcohol abuse treatment that the person learns the knowledge and skill set necessary to stay sober, along with alternative coping mechanisms for dealing with daily life.

Maintaining Sobriety. Once addiction treatment is finished at the New Jersey drug rehab center, the maintenance phase of treatment is entered. Coping mechanisms and new skills should have been learned during active treatment at this point, and now is the time period where they get to test them out. If the outside world starts to seem overwhelming and like you need a minute to refocus on your sobriety plan, then Treatment Alternatives New Jersey will be here to offer guidance along the way.


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