Loved Ones of Addicts

Loved Ones of Addicts

The people most affected by substance abuse oftentimes are forgotten – the loved ones of addicts.

Actions of addicts directly affect everyone around them by bringing their family down, as well. It is not until they get the help of rehab centers in New Jersey that addicts truly begin to understand the repercussions of their actions on those they care the most about. Loved ones of addicts can confirm that the following issues arise as a direct result of substance abuse by a family member, friend, or other equally close person.

Enabler. Chances are, if you have a loved one who is a habitual drug user, you have probably entered into the role of an enabler before. This is due to the fact that loved ones oftentimes assume responsibility for the addict’s actions, making their ongoing substance abuse feel like their fault. Instead of saving the addict every time they fall, you need to let the ground fall out from underneath them so they can fully understand the consequences of their actions. This is the most effective way to get someone to accept substance abuse treatment in New Jersey.

Boundaries. On the note of enabling, it is also equally as important to set boundaries. For example, if you are the parent of an addict, an example of setting a clear boundary would be then making it clear that if your loved one continues using, they cannot continue living in your house. This is also a huge motivator for the addict to finally receive help from New Jersey drug treatment facilities, you just have to make sure that you follow through with your threats.

Anger. People with drug addictions are oftentimes the masters of manipulation. In an effort to get more drugs, they will steal, lie, and manipulate. They will also try to place blame on others, trying to convince you that their substance abuse is your fault, not theirs. Instead of blowing up in anger, try to take a step back and recognize the real problem at hand. This is will help a great deal in the long run.

Acceptance. The biggest step to helping an addict is to accept that you cannot get the help of rehab centers in New Jersey for them. The addict has to acknowledge that they have a problem, and in turn they have to be the ones that want to get help. No amount of nagging will inspire an addict to change – in fact, it will most likely make the problem worse. When they do finally decide that they want to make a change, it is important to address this with support and understanding.


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