New Jersey Towns with the Highest Rates of Heroin Abuse

New Jersey Towns with the Highest Rates of Heroin Abuse

Now more than ever, drug abuse programs in New Jersey have slowly but surely seen the requests for a spot at their treatment center increase every year. In the past year alone, the number of heroin overdoses have doubled in some New Jersey counties.

While the entire northeast is suffering from a general heroin abuse epidemic throughout their communities, New Jersey has been hit harder than other states. Drug abuse programs in New Jersey have seen heroin addiction sweep through high schools, colleges, and many, many other places. In order to ensure that you know exactly what is going on with the state of heroin abuse in the US, check out this list from Treatment Alternatives New Jersey of the New Jersey towns with the highest rate of heroin abuse.

Newark. Consistently the New Jersey town with the highest rate of heroin abuse, Newark has story after story of its residents continuing on the path towards drug abuse programs in New Jersey. One particular story recalls how two Newark men were arrested in Massachusetts and charged with transporting more than 1,000 bags of heroin.

Atlantic City. Recently, the Atlantic City Violent Crimes Task Force has targeted drug dealers in neighboring communities who have helped bring drugs to this city. Recently, two men were arrested for running a drug mill in Atlantic City that was for the most part off the radar during its entire time being active; throughout the time the drug mill was in operation, the rate of Atlantic City locals being admitted to drug abuse programs in New Jersey increased.

Camden. Nicknamed “Apocalypse, N.J.” in an issue of Rolling Stone, a network of Camden drug dealers consisting of 36 men and women were indicted by a state grand jury. Together, they had run a heroin network in the heart of Camden that involved members from some of the area’s most dangerous gangs.

Jersey City. Consistently known for crime and drugs, Jersey City continues to live up to its name with 1,127 reported cases of heroin abuse this past year alone. The younger population is the group that needs the most help from drug abuse programs in New Jersey; recently, Jersey City police arrested a 15 year old boy and seized 59 bags of heroin from him.

Paterson. Home to one of the nation’s most famous drug busts, Paterson officials recently arrested the ringleader and 14 other culprits of a huge narcotics supply network. Millions of dollars in heroin were being trafficked out of a heroin processing mill and stash houses in Paterson.

If you or a loved one are in need of help for a heroin abuse problem, then call Treatment Alternatives New Jersey for more information.

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