Heroin Detox in a Nutshell

Heroin Detox in a Nutshell

One of the biggest things that people get treated for at drug abuse programs in New Jersey is heroin addiction. An illicit drug that is one of the most addictive out of its opioid counterparts, heroin addiction can form after just one or two experiences with the drug.

Not only does heroin addiction cause incredibly strong psychological effects on the user, it creates a physical addiction after just one use. It does not matter whether or not heroin is snorted, smoked, or injected, its ability to ensnare users in the trap of addiction is universal – just ask one of the many people currently getting treatment at a New Jersey addiction center.

Since the fastest high comes from injecting it, you can guess how most addicts choose to get their fix. As a result, heroin overdose in the United States has doubled throughout recent years. One of the main causes of this is because of the abundance with which doctors are prescribing opiate painkillers. By prescription painkillers being doled out so freely for complaints as minor as a backache, the number of people developing heroin addictions and thus seeking help from a New Jersey drug rehab center has grown faster than any previous years.

Currently, about nine percent of the U.S. population abuses opiates, thus leading more people needing to detox from it. Since heroin creates a tolerance to it overtime, the withdrawal period can cause some pretty nasty symptoms. Heroin detox necessitates medical management at a New Jersey addiction center due to the severity of come-down, and the high percentage for relapse. The only question is, what exactly does a heroin detox entail?

Luckily, Treatment Alternatives New Jersey is here to help you understand heroin detox in a nutshell. Heroin withdrawal symptoms start within 12 hours, and generally last up to 30 hours. Some of the symptoms include:

– Agitation

– Diarrhea

– Fever

– Goose bumps

– Insomnia

– Muscle aches

– Nausea

– Runny nose

– Seizures

– Sweating

– Vomiting

Treatment Alternatives New Jersey offers a comprehensive approach to detox and substance abuse; in order to avoid anxiety, panic, and agitation, medical management during heroin detox is highly recommended. Before someone can fully begin treatment for heroin addiction, a detox which eliminates the drug totally must be completed first.

Once heroin detox is completed, then help regarding relapse prevention, substance abuse education, group and individual therapy, life skills, and other valuable treatments are provided at Treatment Alternatives New Jersey. With over 25 years of experience helping people get clean and start a new (and sober) life, you could say that there’s a reason why more and more people continue to come to us in order to guide them on their recovery journey.

If you or a loved one are in need of a heroin detox center in New Jersey, call Treatment Alternatives New Jersey today for more information.

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