Your Guide to Adderall Detox

Your Guide to Adderall Detox

One of the most frequently abused prescription drugs, Adderall has become increasingly popular with high school and college students throughout recent years.

Adderall is generally taken for ADD and ADHD, however far more people take the drug in order to get high. Years of taking this drug can result in the need to get treatment and detox from it at a New Jersey addiction center.

Before you decide to get help for your Adderall addiction, you will most likely want to know what to expect. The duration of an Adderall detox depends on the amount of time you abused the medication, but generally only lasts several days to a week after your last Adderall pill. However, since Adderall is a stimulant, it can take days to weeks to completely remove amphetamine salts from the system when you are physically dependent on the medication.

Below is a detailed guide of what to expect when going through Adderall detox at a New Jersey addiction center:

Days One to Three. During this time, the symptoms of Adderall detox begins to set in; the most common reactions are fatigue, excessive sleeping, continuing stimulation, depression, and disorientation and drug cravings.

Week One. Once the initial first days of Adderall detox have come and gone, symptoms will even out and will become more manageable at your New Jersey addiction center. However, symptoms may continue and include drug cravings, disturbed sleeping patterns, an inability to feel pleasure, depression, exhaustion, extreme fatigue, and excessive sleepiness.

Week Two. Symptoms including fatigue, exhaustion, depression, unpleasant and vivid dreams, insomnia or hypersomnia, increased appetite, slowed or quickened psychomotor response, and irritability. While symptoms may still be occurring, by week two their intensity is greatly diminished and are much more manageable with the help of a New Jersey addiction center.

Week Three to Four. By week three to four, those going through an Adderall detox may still be experiencing long periods of sleep, apathy, irritability, and depression. After week four, the symptoms of Adderall detox become much more manageable, and steps can be taken towards making a plan for how to manage recovery once you finish your stay at a New Jersey addiction center.

Treatment Alternatives New Jersey has over 25 years of experience helping people get sober and lead a clean, fulfilling, and drug-free life. Our continuum of care allows clients to easily move from each phase of treatment; our affiliate housing programs provide the finest accommodations in a serene, safe, and secure environment.

If you or a loved one are in need of more information regarding Adderall detox, then call Treatment Alternatives New Jersey today for more information.

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