How to Tell Your Friends You Need Alcohol Abuse Treatment

How to Tell Your Friends You Need Alcohol Abuse Treatment

When it comes to getting alcohol abuse treatment, the biggest problem is communicating that you need help in the first place.

Getting past the shame and guilt that come along with addiction is something that most people have a hard time figuring out. However, asking for help from a New Jersey drug rehab does not have to be scary. In fact, you will probably be surprised at how much weight is lifted off your shoulders once you use this guide from Treatment Alternatives New Jersey on how to tell your friends and family that you are an alcoholic.

Call a family meeting. For some of your family members, finding out that you need alcohol abuse treatment may come as a complete surprise. Give them time to process the information by calling a meeting and being completely honest with them; let them know that you need their support during this difficult time. Going into the meeting, make sure to have some talking points written down so you don’t forget any questions you want to ask or vice versa.

Write a letter. For some people, speaking out loud about their problems might be too intimidating. If this is the first time you are talking about your addiction, write down your thoughts first. From there, write your family members a letter explaining why you need help from a New Jersey dru rehab. This also gives your loved ones time to let your news sink in; many of them will not know what to say, so writing a letter will give them time to digest the information.

Don’t beat around the bush. When it comes to getting help for your drinking problem, be as straightforward as possible. This will speed up the process of getting the alcohol abuse treatment you need; after all, the longer you wait, the worse your addiction can spiral out of control. Besides, you might be surprised at how supportive your family is, and how happy they are they that you are finally admitting that you need help from a New Jersey drug rehab.

Share all the facts. Since this might be the first time that some of your family members are hearing about your addiction problem, they might not understand the depth and gravity of the situation. Help them understand why it is so important that you get help by sharing all the facts and clearly communicating how without alcohol abuse treatment, your life will only continue to spiral out of control. By releasing these feelings instead of suppressing them, you will get a jump start on your progress at your New Jersey drug rehab.

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