An Everyday Guide to Self-Care

An Everyday Guide to Self Care

Often overlooked, self-care is critical to maintain a sense of positivity and wellbeing in your life. Taking care of yourself may be placed on the backburner when dealing with life’s stresses such as addiction, work, finances, family and education. Science says a major factor in your overall quality of life lies in doing simple things to take care of yourself, as it creates a sense of balance in an over-stimulating world. Mental health professionals say it takes as little as 20 minutes a day to do something for yourself.

When working through a recovery becomes tiresome, improve your mental and physical health with Treatment Alternatives New Jersey’s Guide to Self-Care.

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene! Take care of how you look on the outside to enhance how you feel on the inside. Brush your teeth, get your hair cut, keep your skin looking nice, and wear clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good. As the saying goes, “look good, feel good”.

Drink more water. Water is essential to literally every function of your body. Provide your body with enough hydration and feel the effects instantly: removed toxins, less fatigue, sharper concentration, greater energy, and more.

Get some sleep. Everyone can use more rest. Give your body and your brain a break. Make sure you are getting about seven or eight hours of sleep every night. Adequate sleep maintains body weight and helps your brain function.

Eat healthy. Food fuels your body. When you provide your body with healthy foods and avoid toxic substances, you will see immediate changes in your mood, energy levels, and appearance.

Unplug from the world. Even if only for a few minutes, disconnect from your phone or laptop and give yourself a few minutes to focus on the world around you rather than on a screen. It will give your brain a much needed break.

Spend time with people you love. Spending time with people who you love or people that make you happy releases dopamine in your brain, which is a “feel good” neurotransmitter. Building a social support network will undoubtedly help you through tough times and keep your spirits high. You will not have to recover alone at Treatment Alternatives New Jersey.

Get exercise. Research shows that when the human body exercises, the brain releases endorphins which give us a sense of euphoria. Exercise has been linked to lowered levels of stress and eliminating many different health issues.

Never stop learning. No matter how old you are, there is never a point at which you should stop stimulating your brain. Pick up a book, learn a new concept from a friend, or teach yourself a new skill. Your brain will respond positively to its new purpose and abilities, which will make you feel better.


Use these tips from Treatment Alternatives New Jersey as your personal guide to self-care.

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