Drug Abuse Behavior Parents Should Look For

Drug Abuse Behavior Parents Should Look For

There is nothing as scary as suspecting a child of drug abuse. Parents who experience this have a difficult time either admitting it or logically seeing the signs.

First, if you have noticed a change big enough to warrant you searching for answers online, that is a sign that something is wrong. Understand that something may have changed, but it may have nothing to do with drug abuse in your child, it may be something else. Communication is always the best option. If that doesn’t work, Treatment Alternatives New Jersey is an outpatient rehab that offers some advice on drug abuse behavior parents should look out for.

Sudden Mood Change

Likely, the first thing you may have noticed is a sudden change in mood. Drugs affect your child’s mood when they are on them, off them, or going through withdrawals. Typical child behavior can either be elevated or depressed, but sudden and consistent mood changes mean that something is off. Try to track when these changes occur to get closer to an understanding.

Distance and Deceit

Teenagers will be private and secretive, which makes it difficult for some parents to notice drug abuse. However, a dangerously deceptive behavior and sudden, cold distance could be a sign of drug abuse.

New Group of Friends

Did your child find a new group of friends and suddenly go through rapid and drastic changes? It’s true that some children may find a new group of friends and change their taste in music, fashion, and entertainment, but a drastic change in personality may be a sign of drug abuse. Discuss this with your child and gauge their response. If you find you need it, visit your local drug treatment center in New Jersey to gather more information on how to talk to your child about their new group of friends and if they are doing drugs.

Drastic Change in Appetite

Different drugs have different affects on appetite, some will lower it and others will increase it. The signs to look for are any drastic change, whether it be up or down.  Appetite changes due to drug use would be rather drastic, like completely not eating for three days, so if you notice anything, keep an eye on it and see if the change occurs for a while. Think about other factors in their life that could attribute to this – like losing weight for a wrestling match, or excessive eating to bulk up for football or cross country running. Know your child’s personal activities that could also influence drastic changes in appetite, before jumping to conclusions regarding drug use.

Physical Distress

If your child is going through withdrawals, you will notice the behavior. Some clear signs that are commonly seen at New Jersey outpatient drug rehab centers are: shakes, fidgeting, sweating and pain. If your child is attempting to hide these physical ailments, it’s another sign they may be suffering from drug abuse. It is important to admit your child into a drug treatment center as soon as possible, because withdrawals from certain drugs can be fatal.

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