What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking

What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Drinking

For those of you who think the only consequence of heavy drinking is the next-day-hangover, think again. Science proves that even one night of drinking can negatively affect you for up to a week afterwards. How is this possible? Take into consideration the alcohol that is poisoning your organs, the lack of sleep that is disrupting regular brain function, and the unhealthy extra calories from the drinks and the food you consume during intoxication. All these factors combined don’t disappear right after the next morning; they take a toll on you for a few days before your body can rid them from your system entirely.

The more frequently you drink, the more dramatic the changes will be once you stop consuming alcohol. So, what happens when you stop drinking?

You will sleep better.

It is a fact that alcohol disrupts your sleep. Drinking alcohol near your bedtime increases alpha wave patterns in your brain, which mock the cerebral activity of someone that is awake. Alcohol disrupts sleep quality, which leads to daytime drowsiness and poor concentration.

You will celebrate your mental clarity. 

Say goodbye to that mental fog you felt for days after a night of drinking. Ridding your system of alcoholic toxins will help your brain to function at its maximum potential, allowing for clearer thoughts, and better focus and concentration.

You will lose weight. 

A lot of drinkers tend to forget about the calories that add up from consuming alcohol, most of them coming from sugar. Overtime, these calories will show on your body, so what happens when you stop drinking? You will naturally lose weight!

Your skin will clear up.

Alcohol dehydrates you. Quitting drinking means finally allowing your skin to receive the proper amount of hydration it needs daily. If you are wondering what happens when you stop drinking in terms of beauty, our New Jersey drug rehab has good news: your skin will look brighter, redness in your face will decrease, and skin conditions or acne could clear up.

Your wallet won’t be so light. 

Drinking is an expensive habit that leaves you with nothing to show for it but a bad hangover. When you stop drinking, you will quickly become motivated by the amount of money you will start saving.

Your risk drops for certain diseases. 

The National Cancer Institute blames alcohol as a contributing factor to several cancers and diseases in the mouth, liver, breast, colon, and rectum. The less you drink, the less risk you have of developing these health issues.

The professionals at our New Jersey drug rehab center agree there are no downsides to eliminating alcohol from your



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