5 Tips for Staying Alcohol Free After Treatment

5 Tips for Staying Alcohol Free After Treatment

Once you have completed alcoholism treatment in New Jersey, the next step to take is to transition back into mainstream society. This can quickly become one of the most difficult and trying steps after you make the choice to get clean. Anxious thoughts may race through your mind as you imagine how your life will now be. You have a strong desire to live a life free from alcohol, but there is and always will be a chance of relapse. The good news is that New Jersey alcohol treatment center has 5 effective tips for ensuring abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

-Find a New Jersey aftercare program for recovering alcoholics. If you can maintain an intense commitment and involvement to your sobriety, you can find support that will help you stay sober. One of the most effective ways to predict relapse is the over confidence and minimization of the necessity of an alcoholic’s aftercare. Individuals who are realistic and even over cautious and seek aftercare have the greatest chance for success with sobriety.

-Take care of yourself and your health, put yourself and your body as a priority. There are many things that will trigger a craving such as hunger, extremes emotions, loneliness, or fatigue. Taking care of your body and soul is an effective preemptive move that can eliminate surprise cravings.

-Stay busy and keep your mind occupied. One of the things you have to eliminate in your life once you make the decision to live free of alcohol is people and places where you used to drink or things that may trigger you to want to drink. This step is important and crucial but can also leave you feeling lonely. Many former alcoholics do not know how to spend their time without drinking. Find new friends, hobbies, and interests can help you ease into a healthy and clean lifestyle. Finding a job can keep you busy and give you a feeling of self-worth.

-If you have a moment and relapse, which can happen even to the most diligent alcoholics in recovery, make sure you do not succumb to full-blown abuse. Staying clean from alcohol is a life-long commitment that takes constant investment of energy. If relapse does occur do not be so hard on yourself that you accept defeat. If you do have a relapse reach out to your Treatment Alternatives of New Jersey support group and get help.

-Stay in contact with family, healthy relationships, and individuals from your support group. Maintain open communication about your feelings and cravings, don’t try to hide them or deny them. Build a strong support group around you that can act as a safety net. Practice all the techniques you learned from the New Jersey alcohol treatment program so that if temptation arises you can react almost on impulse. With the help from your support system, you will begin to discover that you are actually stranger than you ever believed you were or could be.

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