How to Have a Successful Intervention

How to Have a Successful Intervention

Confronting a loved one about a possible substance abuse problem is never easy; however, the sooner you talk to them about it, the sooner they can start the recovery process at a Massachusetts drug rehab center.

In order to make sure that you have a successful intervention, there are ways to go about approaching the issue at hand. Because most addicts are initially in denial about the gravity of their drug problem, making sure that you approach them in a comfortable environment is of the utmost importance. If they start to feeling like they are getting attacked, then that is the fasted way to make sure that an intervention is going to fail. Since the ultimate goal of having an intervention is to have your loved one agree to get help from a Massachusetts addiction center, follow these simple steps on how to have a successful intervention.

Consult the professionals. If you are nervous about not executing the intervention the right way, and ultimately blowing your chances of coercing your loved one to receive help from a Massachusetts drug rehab program, then consult the professionals. Here at Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts, we are more than happy to help guide you and your family on the proper steps to take in order to ensure that the intervention goes as planned.

Decide on the time and place. While the best time to hold an intervention is when it will catch the addict off guard, you do not want to catch them so completely off guard that they get overwhelmed. Do this by holding the intervention at a familiar and safe location, such as a family member’s home. That way, the addict will not be able to make excuses that just their drug habits without compromising their privacy.

Plan what will be said. One of the most important steps when planning a successful intervention, plan what will be said beforehand. Each member of the group should agree upon points that will be brought up, and what topics to stay away from. Collect facts about the addict’s drug use and behavior so that your loved one has less room to deny the issue at hand. When holding the intervention, make sure to bring up how their drug use negatively affects everyone around them, and how getting help from a Massachusetts addiction center will be able to remedy any issues.

Execute the intervention. First off, make sure that the addict shows up at the designated time and place. Once they are there, the head of the intervention needs to persuade your loved one to stay and listen to what everyone has to say. Each member of the group will then take turns sharing why they believe that the addict needs help from a Massachusetts drug rehab program. Once this is done, your loved one will either have the choice to get help or to face the consequences, such as getting rid of financial support.


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