How to Deal with Addiction in a Marriage

How to Deal with Addiction in a Marriage

Addictions seem to be rampant in today’s world. American Addiction Centers report there are nearly 12.5 million spouses suffering from addiction. Dealing with addiction in a marriage is an extremely heavy burden, as both lives are turned upside down.

The addiction professionals at Treatment Alternatives in Massachusetts know the hardships, worries, angst, and anger that come from being in a relationship with an addict can drive a person to leave, and can tear families apart. If you are married to someone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, what can you do to save your marriage before it’s too late?

Support, don’t enable. As the spouse of an addict, you may be enabling your partner without intending to. You may find yourself helping them with money, or access to their substance of choice, but it is critical to draw the line between being supportive and facilitating the addiction. Establishing boundaries can be difficult, but it will save your marriage. Do not make excuses for abusive, harmful, or dangerous behavior. Do not provide your spouse with the funds they need to feed their addiction. Try to create a home environment that doesn’t allow for the addiction to take place. Encourage spending time together or with other family members, where they will be more likely to stay sober. Try incorporating exercise, trips, or activities into you and your partners schedule that aren’t based around drinking or using any sort of drug.

Talk to your partner. Ignoring the addiction in a marriage is more harmful than it is helpful. Although it can be intimidating and sometimes scary to address the addiction, try talking to your partner when they are sober. Speaking calmly and honestly, you can discuss how their drug or alcohol addiction is effecting you, them, and any other family members. Avoid blame and listing incidents. Try not to bring too harsh of judgement into the conversation. Don’t rush on action, just focus on making your point and opening communication.

Contact a rehabilitation center, like the Massachusetts drug rehab center. Once you have addressed the addiction to your partner, you can work on receiving proper treatment. You can start by seeking out support groups, therapists, or contacting Treatment Alternatives in Massachusetts. Our treatment facility provides individualized care based on the needs of the client. We help to treat addiction and establish life skills for staying sober.

Embrace change. Know that your relationship is inevitably going to change – for the better. While your partner is in recovery, it is your job to be a strong support system for them. Try educating yourself on the recovery process to better understand what they are going through, and be patient with them. Recovery doesn’t happen overnight. As the partner of someone in recovery, you will need to work on forgiveness, and help to praise your spouse throughout their progress. You can spend time getting to know each other again and rebuilding.

Addiction in marriage is chaotic, upsetting, and stressful. Help yourself and your loved one by contacting the addiction professionals at Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts drug rehab today.

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