Awakenings For Women

Awakenings For Women

What is Awakenings for Women?

Treatment Alternatives partners with Awakenings for Women to provide a safe, secure, beautiful environment in which women can work on recovering from substance abuse and trauma. Feeling comfortable enables women to let down their guard and work on painful, self-destructive tendencies.

Awakenings for Women is more than a halfway house for women; it provides a way of living.Treatment Alternatives provides those who need Intensive Outpatient Treatment the tools for recovery.At Awakenings for Women, residents get to implement new approaches to living. For those who have completed treatment, Awakenings for Women offers women a sober environment that fosters long-term recovery.

Every resident whether in treatment, newly out of treatment, or with long-term sobriety participates in a sober community lifestyle. Residents must work or go to school. Everyone signs a contract to abide by the rules of the house which include:

  • Regular drug testing
  • Community meetings 2x week
  • Attendance at 12 Step meetings (transportation provided where necessary)
  • Curfew
  • Big Sister mentorship program
  • Monthly rent
  • Evening and weekend counseling
  • Holistic therapies
  • Private amenities
  • Laptops
  • Career and occupational counseling

Staff is available to help women regain their footing in healthy living 24/7. Women are free to stay at Awakenings for Women as long as they feel the need to be in a warm, loving, secure recovery environment. Awakenings is located in Boca Raton, Florida walking distance from almost anything needed and a quick ride to the beach. The weather, the greenery, the peace and quiet help women heal spiritually and physically. A strong sense of community helps keep newly sober women clean and sober and provides women with longer sobriety a chance to help others. Everything about Awakenings is geared to strengthen a sense of self and long-term sobriety.

Call 1-877-957-5113
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