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What is a Sober Living House?

sober-living-homeA sober living house (SLH) is the next place a patient lives after they complete residential treatment or detox. It’s an important step in the journey of drug and alcohol rehab in Boca Raton. At sober living houses, sober individuals live in supportive environments with other sober people. These houses incorporate community, sobriety, and accountability for sobriety.

The length of the stay can be a major predictor of the person’s ability sober living home to remain on the path of recovery. Sometimes, returning home is a dangerous and risky proposition for the newly recovered substance abuser. The dangers lie in people and places connected to using and abusing substances. Early on, family and work dynamics may present seemingly insurmountable challenges. This is why many people choose a sober living home after completing residential alcohol and drug rehab in Boca Raton.

Relapse is a threat for anyone who has gotten sober. Sober living houses, sometimes called halfway houses, are here to help people build sober habits in the “real world” while still living in a safe and substance-free environment. The sense of community, strength, and a solid social network gained at SLH has a direct relationship to the strength of a person’s commitment to recovery.

Living at a SLH can give a newly recovering individual the additional structure necessary to stay focused on living drug and alcohol free. The structure of SLH creates role models of long-term residents for newer residents. Newly sober and clean residents get to witness how one shows up to work, school, and community responsibilities on a daily basis. Everyone faces challenges that are both external and internal; despite these challenges, individual responsibilities continue to be met. The more challenges met, the greater the one’s sense of self.

Studies of individuals choosing to live at a SLH found that individuals stayed longer than the recommendations of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and that those who stayed in the community environment have maintained abstinence longer than those who returned home immediately. This is why sober living houses are an integral component of addiction recovery services in Boca Raton, FL.

 Quality Sober Living Houses Offer Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics Hope

Treatment Alternatives partners with Boca House for Men and Awakenings for Women to provide those in need of a supportive structured environment a place to live, work, and strengthen their recovery. Boca House is the residence for men who want to live clean and sober. Awakenings is the sober living house for women who want to continue their recovery after completing residential drug or alcohol rehab in Boca Raton. These facilities have been in operation for over 25 years. Treatment Alternatives and its partners offer individuals a beautiful place to live, a safe environment in which to regain their footing in daily life, and a community of men and women dedicated to living substance free. The social network and the structure are available to men and women for as long as he or she desires to be a resident. Agreement to follow the rules and regulations for both houses are the condition for living at these facilities. It should be noted that Boca House and Awakenings offer graduate housing as well, should you feel that life is better living permanently in the structured environment.

Treatment Alternatives and its partners believe that recovering addicts and alcoholics have a right to rebuild their lives while living in nice neighborhoods in nicely decorated apartments. Our facilities, combined with the beauty of South Florida, give those seeking a second chance at life a spiritual lift. The surroundings plus the structured living provide residents with a sense of security, peace, and strength. The stepping stones to strong recovery can be found after alcohol or drug rehab in Boca Raton by choosing sober living halfway houses.

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