Well, you searched online for Adderall addiction warning signs, so that in itself is a warning. If you are worried that you or a loved one may be addicted to Adderall, don’t fret and lose hope. You’ve been through worse and mastered all your worst days until this point. You can and will get through this too. Besides, Adderall addiction exists on a spectrum and there is always time to stop, detox, and get back on track.

There are a number of legal reasons to take Adderall. In fact, most of us know it as the ADHD miracle drug, while others know it as a bane on their existence. It’s funny how 2 people can have a completely different perspective on the same thing, isn’t it? The same can be said about detoxing from Adderall. It can be easier for some and more difficult for others.

First let’s discuss the signs that you are addicted to Adderall.

What A Functioning Adderall Addict Sounds Like:

Does this sound like you in anyway?

I mean, if it’s legal then how bad could it be, really? Alcohol is far worse. Alcoholics ruin their lives and destroy the lives of everyone around them. I can still function on Adderall. I actually do better on it. I’m killing it at work, I have a great social life, and I can function on little to no sleep.

Work hard, play hard. It’s 2019 and if you aren’t on Adderall, you are falling behind.

The thing is, it only enhances what’s already there. And I enjoy it, is it a crime to enjoy something? Everyone has a vice. Mine isn’t even that bad. It’s even given to kids every single day.

And I do crave it, but so what? I am getting all my work done, I am living a fulfilling life, and I have friends and family that love me.

Truth is, this is not limited to any functioning addict, but what’s interesting is how much we lie to ourselves. A habit morphs into an addiction quickly. And “manageable” addictions that allow for high function tend to grip us the hardest.

Adderall Addiction Warning Signs

Not all Adderall addicts will experience the same warning symptoms and to the same degree. But we can agree with a high level of confidence that an Adderall addict will experience some of these warning signs:

  • Malnutrition due to suppressed appetite. The loss of weight is not sudden if the addiction has been gradual.
  • Psychosis related to anxiety, distorted reality, and depression.
  • Obsessively seeking Adderall, craving it, and feeling anxious or depressed without it.
  • Tolerance build up, needing higher and higher doses to achieve the desired effect.
  • Neglecting normal activities to find, use, or recover from Adderall.
  • Lying, hiding, and creating secrets to continue to use the drug without others knowing.
  • Crediting Adderall for successes and positive aspects of life.
  • Decrease in overall self-care.

The signs of Adderall addiction are related to most other addictive substances but there is one common factor that many Adderall addicts tend to share: they credit Adderall with some level of their success. They need it to concentrate, to do better at work, to excel.

So, You’ve Figured Out You’re Addicted to Adderall – What’s Next?

Adderall addiction is no joke but at least you’ve taken the first step. We call it the first step for a reason. You’ve probably known for a while now, but denial is not just a river in Egypt, it’s a mechanism we use to lie to ourselves without remorse. Now that you have admitted it, you are going to quit and go through Adderall withdrawals and follow the timeline to a better life. Here’s how it goes: The 6 A’s to Adderall recovery.

  • Admitting It

Step 1: Admit it. You are either there or close to it. You cannot get help until you admit you need it, this is not news. You just have to get it through your own wall of addiction denial. And that wall is high. Admitting you have a problem is the first step in the 12-step program and is universally accepted as the most important step in your recovery from Adderall addiction.1

  • Asking for Help

You. Cannot. Do. This. Alone. Keep repeating that. There’s no shame in asking for help. In fact, it takes incredible strength to admit when you need a hand. And you do need a hand, and at first maybe an arm and a leg. The point is you need to reach out to people around you.

Adderall is a corporate drug and some C-level executives may find it difficult or plain impossible to as for help. If that’s the case, consider a drug treatment program for executives where you can detox while you continue to work. Private, safe, and effective.

  • A Trip to Detox

Though not as severe a process, Adderall detox centers use the same detox methods that exist for methamphetamine detox. On a molecular level, meth and Adderall are very similar. And the similarities extend to the feelings of both the users and the withdrawals. Though meth is much more potent.2

  • A New Beginning

Depending on your level of Adderall addiction, it may be worth a trip to rehab to get back on track. Treatment centers for Adderall are equipped to handle all everything that the first 28 days of Adderall recovery can possibly through your way. The first few weeks of recovery are crucial. This is where you learn to battle the addiction head on. Treatment centers can help.

  • All Days On

If you feel your addiction to Adderall was severe enough and if your doctor or family recommend it, you should consider sober living for men, or sober living for women. Always consider your options.

  • And Another Day

And now, the rest of your life begins. Like any addiction, you take it one day at a time. Take the first step, and then another, and another. Your vigilance will never be over, you will always be addicted to Adderall, always. What counts is how to combat that addiction and focus on the future.



[1]: 12 Step – Step 1

[2]: Vice – A Neuroscientist Explains How He Found Out Meth Is Almost Identical to Adderall

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