In terms of life-threatening drugs, opiates and opioids are some of the most dangerous ones out there. Two million Americans are struggling with opiate addiction [1], and there are myths that make sobriety a challenge. At Treatment Alternatives, we offer painkiller and opiate rehab in Boca Raton for people struggling with addiction to any and all opiates. First, it’s important to separate the truth from the myths about opiates and opioids.


Myth: Opiates are prescribed by doctors so they’re safe.

The Truth: Opiates and opioids are incredibly dangerous, even if they’re prescription pills. This is because addiction can form quickly, and addiction can be deadly. Opiates alter brain chemistry and reward systems, causing dangerous chemical needs for the drug. As tolerance builds up over time, more of the drugs are needed, and overdoses become a risk.


Myth: Heroin isn’t dangerous if it “looks” clean.

The Truth: Even if heroin looks clean, it may not be. New opioids, such as fentanyl, are laced into heroin, and fentanyl is painfully potent. Users don’t know that they’re ingesting fentanyl in their “clean-looking” heroin, resulting in overdoses.


Myth: I can just stop using and be sober.

The Truth: While quitting cold turkey is one start to sobriety, stopping use of opiates isn’t enough. You need to address all the emotional and environmental factors of your addiction. Our opiate rehab in Boca Raton can help by addressing all factors of your addiction, not just the physical controls of opiates. Additionally, it’s best to detox from opiates in a medically supervised setting.


Myth: Narcan is all I need to be safe from overdose.

The Truth: While it is true that Narcan can be lifesaving when it comes to an overdose, Narcan alone cannot change your life and help you get sober. Worse yet, increasingly potent opioids mean that higher and higher doses of Narcan are needed to revive a patient. Each day, over 115 Americans die after overdosing on opioids [2]. Don’t risk it. Choose sobriety with the help of our opiate treatment center in Boca Raton.


Truth: Getting Sober is Easier than You Think


At Treatment Alternatives, we make it easy to find sobriety. At our opiate treatment center in Boca Raton, we treat opioid and opiate addictions to heroin, painkillers, fentanyl, and many other dangerous substances. Contact us today to learn how we can help you or someone you love to find a sober tomorrow.



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