The Truth about Cocaine

Treatment Alternatives of Massachusetts would like to provide you with the truth about cocaine. This way, you are wholly informed about its effects and consequences. The process of recovery is about finding inner peace, as well as being educated about the root of the problem. Here is some valuable information about cocaine.


Originally, cocaine was developed to be used as a painkiller. It is extracted from coca leaves, and it can be developed into a powder form. It is most commonly sniffed, since insufflation allows for the powder to be absorbed through the nasal tissues.


Short-term effects include: loss of appetite, nausea, disturbed sleeping patterns, contracted blood vessels, increased heart rate and blood pressure, intense euphoria, and hallucinations, depression, panic, psychosis, and convulsions.


Long-term effects are: High blood pressure, severe tooth decay, sexual issues such as reproductive damage and infertility among men and women, irritability, mood swings, liver, kidney and lung damage, and permanent damage to blood vessels of the heart and brain.


The truth about cocaine is that it creates the greatest psychological dependence of any drug, after meth. Treatment Alternatives of Massachusetts can confirm that people on it develop a rapid tolerance to the substance, which urges them to take a higher dosage to achieve the same effect. Physically, cocaine stimulates key centers in the brain that evoke an extreme sense of euphoria that cannot be matched. It is one of the most dangerous drugs on earth.

Cocaine addiction treatment can be the difference between life and death. Change your life today.

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