Luxury rehab has arrived in South Florida and it’s here to stay. This new direction of drug treatment is not necessarily revolutionary, but it does offer a high level of service, treatment, and amenities. South Florida’s reputation for fast-paced living, fast-paced jobs and fast-paced economic growth has created the need for a drug detox, treatment, and rehabilitation program to match. Rehab for executives is now open for business.

So, what does rehab for executives really entail? We answer this by taking a look at the new Executive Program offered by Treatment Alternatives.

What is Rehab for Executives?

Rehab for executives is a specialized recovery program created to meet the unique needs of executives who need to detox and treat drug addiction while maintaining access to their devices to continue working. These programs also offer luxury amenities and access to highly specialized alternative drug treatment options.

This program is rehab for professionals who want the treatment that they can expect in regular rehab with the added benefits of comfort, luxury, and privacy.

The Difference Between Rehab for Executives and Regular Rehab

Both regular rehab and rehab for executives offer treatment options that provide safe detoxing and effective treatment as well as long-term coping strategies for continued success in defeating addiction.

Regular Rehab and Executive Programs Provide:

  • Full medical admission and evaluation
  • IOP, PHP, OP
  • Medically safe detox
  • Therapy
  • Counseling
  • Complete privacy
  • Specialized care from medically certified staff

Treatment Alternative’s Program Provides the Following Additional Services:

  • Added privacy (special entrances and exists)
  • Alternative treatment programs (Brain Mapping, Pharmacogenomic Testing, Health Lectures)
  • Upgraded amenities (Chiropractor, Massage Therapy, Outdoor Activities)
  • Special housing (A mansion in beautiful Boca Raton)
  • Access to devices to continue professional work

The difference between rehab for executives and regular rehab should be limited to amenities and alternatives or additional drug treatment opportunities. The quality of treatment for both executives and regular patients should not be different.

This is not a question of good rehab versus bad rehab because ultimately, good treatment is good treatment! Be sure that your executive program highlights this as well.

Which Rehab is Right for You?

How to Find A Rehab for Executives

Considering rehab for executives? Here’s what we recommend you look for:

  • Years Active

Because of how relatively new this drug treatment program is, there are more predatory drug treatment facilities are trying to take advantage of this new drug treatment trend. We highly recommend that you do your due diligence and we know you will. Most executives expect the best and so we ask that you research how long the center has been practicing.

Pro tip – anything less than 10 years is really not long enough to enter into a new specialized treatment. Do yourself a favor and find a program that has at least 20 years of being active in the community and industry.

  • Privacy

The number one priority of all patients in recovery is privacy, and this is doubly true of executives in rehab. Your current career, business, and professional network could be irrevocably damaged if any lack of confidence is perceived on your part. Though we do not agree with this idea, the world has other ideas.

We recommend asking the executive drug treatment facility if they have special means of maintaining privacy which includes separate entrances and exits.

  • Specialized Programs

If you are paying more for an executive drug treatment program, then it should provide the latest alternative programs as well as great amenities.

As we mentioned before, the difference between rehab for professionals and regular rehab should not manifest in the treatment itself, but rather in the programs that are offered. Ask the executive drug treatment programs what kind of amenities are offered and decide if those programs may aid you in your recovery.

  • Travel is Good

Traveling to South Florida for an executive drug rehab program is a good thing. We have found that patients who travel for treatment are more likely to succeed, especially in the crucial short term – the days following the initial detox.

The reason is simple: if you are local, then you know where to get your fix and have a list of contacts ready to sell to you when you are at your most vulnerable.

Consider traveling out of state for an executive drug treatment program.

What’s Your Next Step?

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