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The Dangers of Prescription Pills

The Dangers of Prescription Pills

Everybody wants to believe that doctors have their best interests at heart. If your doctor writes you a prescription, you want to believe that the prescription is safe. However, there are many widely unknown dangers to prescription pills. Benzos, opiates, and other prescription pills are highly addictive. Just as some people are more susceptible to developing addictions to illegal drugs,…

Can IOP Treat Heroin Addiction?

Can IOP Treat Heroin Addiction?

Heroin, like many other opiates, is highly addictive. At Treatment Alternatives, we are focused on offering effective approaches to heroin, opiate, and addiction treatment. Our heroin treatment center in Boca Raton offers many services for treatment, including Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). This treatment approach typically involves daily or weekly meetings with a sponsor and sobriety support group. IOP is often…

What Are The Most Abused Opiates?

In recent years, opiate addiction has continued to rise. One of the main reasons for this is the over-prescribing of painkiller medications. More often than not, this creates a dependency on opiate drugs and turns the patient into an addict. It also serves as a gateway drug for other substances, such as heroin. The most abused opiate drug that leads…

Hilary Clinton Announces That Substance Abuse Will be Big Part of Campaign

Hilary Clinton has taken the same stance on just about every major “fight” that she states she plans on fighting. Of those fights, the main one that she focuses on is rebuilding the economy, strengthening families, stripping dysfunction from government and protecting the country from security threats. However, recently Clinton has added another issue to the table: substance abuse recovery…

Recent Trends in Medication to Treat Addiction

Most people do not receive treatment because of the lifelong stigma that follows them. Not only that, but the daunting task of having to live life with their addiction, minus the drug, more often than not deters people before they even begin. However, since substance abuse has been reclassified from a social one to a medical one, the perception of…

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