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Warning Signs of Relapse

Warning Signs of Relapse

Relapse is common. In fact, 91% of recovering heroin addicts relapse at some point in their lives and 59% of those relapses are within the first week. If you make it past the first week, you are already more likely to avoid relapse for a longer period. Looking out for the warning signs of relapse can help too. As much as our…

4 Boredom Hacks to Prevent Relapse

Life post-addiction can leave a void disguised as boredom, which feels inherently unnatural. The sense of restlessness can be too foreign to those who are used to filling time with a drug of choice, thus turning the feeling of calm into anxiety. Instead of enjoying the relaxing time, we tend to feel anxiety over “not having anything to do” and…

11 Steps Leading to a Relapse

Relapse is a very common part of the drug and alcohol addiction process. It is important to fully know and understand these 11 signs, symptoms and steps of the Relapse process: Step 1: Change in Attitude Step 2: Elevated Stress Step 3: Reactivation of Denial Step 4: Recurrence of Post-acute Withdrawal Symptoms Step 5: Behavior Change Step 6: Social Breakdown…

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