Spend Your Summer Getting Sober

Many people, whether it’s for themselves or a loved one, spend months researching facilities attempting to determine which time of year would be most optimal to start treatment. Fortunately, Treatment Alternatives in New Jersey can assist anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction at any time of year, at any age, at any stage of addiction.

Now that you’ve found the perfect treatment center for yourself or your loved one, it’s time to take action and start the journey to recovery which is the hardest part. Summer is the absolute best time to start the road to recovery at our New Jersey Drug Rehab Center.

Why is summer the best time to get sober?

The beautiful summer weather in New Jersey helps our patients send more time outside and aids in developing a positive mindset which is needed to successfully start their recovery.

It’s ideal timing for young adults since they won’t have to worry about summer classes and getting behind in coursework.

In addition, young adults will have the ability to start to school year with a sober mindset when they are thrown back into the social events when returning for fall semester

Summer is when people set goals for themselves. For example “I’m going to get in shape during summer” or “I’m going to start reading more during summer”. Mainly because they have the time to focus on hobbies, being in our environment will allow them to achieve these goals.

Many people go on vacations during summer or study abroad so people won’t ask questions about someone being absent from their normal environment for a few months. This helps our patient’s feel less embarrassed that their whole world won’t know they’re in rehab.


For more tips on getting sober over summer, contact the addiction treatment professionals at Treatment Alternatives New Jersey today.

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