Behind marijuana, cocaine is the second most used and trafficked illicit drug worldwide [1]. In the states, cocaine is viewed as a more recreational drug than other “hard” drugs, such as heroin or meth. The drug is still associated with night life, socialites, and celebrity. Cocaine works by acting on the limbic system in the brain, increasing pleasure and motivation to use the drug again [2]. In studies with mice, the drug also causes lasting changes to nerve cell structure [2]. This makes cocaine highly addictive, with addicted individuals needing the help of a safe drug rehab center to find their sobriety. If you fear that a loved one is addicted to cocaine, it’s important to keep a lookout for signs of cocaine addiction.

Frequent Nosebleeds

Typically, cocaine is inhaled through the nose. Excessive use can result in irritation of nasal passages, causing frequent nosebleeds. If your loved one is having nosebleeds, or if they’re trying to hide their nosebleeds, they can benefit from cocaine addiction treatment in Trenton, NJ.

Behavioral Changes

Increased energy, risky behaviors, changes in sleeping patterns, and loss of interest in proper hygiene can all indicate an active cocaine addiction. An alternatives treatment center can address these behavioral changes while getting to the root of the cocaine addiction through personalized therapies.

Emotional Disconnect

When posed with moral dilemmas or social interactions, cocaine and crack cocaine users do not show the same brain activations as non-users [3]. In everyday life, this usually translates as emotional disconnection from friends, family, and loved ones. Cocaine addiction can cause a reduction in emotional intelligence and perception.

Financial Troubles

As with many other addictions, cocaine addiction can be expensive. If your loved one has financial troubles with other issues, such as increased secrecy or mood changes, they may need help for cocaine addiction treatment in Trenton, NJ. Cocaine addiction is expensive, and many addicts wind up selling items or stealing from family members to support their habit.

Getting Help

At Treatment Alternatives, we know that a safe drug rehab center can make all the difference in finding sobriety from cocaine addiction. Our alternatives treatment center offers a variety of approaches to treating cocaine addiction, including PHP and IOP treatment. We also offer comprehensive detoxification services for cocaine and crack cocaine addictions.

IOP treatment is especially effective for cocaine treatment, as it helps addicts form healthy sober habits in a real-world setting while receiving recovery support. If you are searching for a safe drug rehab center to treat cocaine addiction, call on our team at Treatment Alternatives. We look forward to helping make sobriety a reality.



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