Science Shows Negative Relationship Between Marijuana and Sleep

Treatment Alternatives, a New Jersey drug rehabilitation center, has a message for marijuana users: marijuana does not help you sleep. New research is suggesting smoking marijuana before bed is having the opposite effects on sleep quality.

Research on the relationship between marijuana and sleep is fairly new. However, studies have revealed that those reported being regular marijuana users are almost twice as likely to experience sleep problems, as compared to those who smoke less, or not at all. The study examined 98 people who identified themselves at different frequencies of marijuana use: daily, occasional, those who smoked once in the last month, those who smoke five days a week, and those who have never used marijuana in their life. Of the group, nearly 40 percent of those who smoke daily reported insomnia symptoms. Those who smoke less or not at all made up only 10 percent of those with reported insomnia symptoms.

Additional studies on marijuana and sleep are suggesting that marijuana use possibly contributes to heightened anxiety and depression, which is also linked with sleep disturbances.

Data from this study suggests marijuana is having the opposite effect on sleep than what it is popularly known for. Deirde Conroy, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan stated, “Daily use of marijuana [was linked to] the most sleep disturbances.”

Despite its seemingly harmless reputation, there are a lot of negative effects from smoking marijuana. If you or someone you know is addicted to marijuana, Treatment Alternatives New Jersey Drug Rehabilitation specializes in individualized treatment plans.

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