Science Says Alcohol Causes Cancer

The public insists that a daily glass of wine or two is harmless, and it seems nearly impossible to convince them otherwise. To researchers, however, the evidence is clear. Research compiled from the World Cancer Research Fund and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, can no longer be denied; alcohol affects multiple body systems and has strong links to cancer.

There is undeniable evidence linking alcohol and cancer. Here is what Treatment Alternatives, a New York Drug Rehab center knows so far:

-The Department of Preventive and Social Medicine at Otago University shows evidence that supports the notion that alcohol causes cancer in the esophagus, liver, colon, rectum, oropharynx, larynx, and breasts.

-It is likely to cause skin, prostate, and pancreatic cancer as well.

-Alcohol has negative health effects on the stomach, bladder, uterus, lymphatic system, and kidneys.

-It can take up to 15 years to reverse the damage done and diminish your risk of cancer from alcohol.

-Drinkaware, an alcohol industry education charity, states that regular drinking puts you at increased risk of heart disease, liver disease, stroke, and pancreatic.

-Studies show that the higher amounts of alcohol a person is drinking, the more likely they are to develop these health issues.

-Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute at St. George’s University say “alcohol enters cells very easily, is then converted into acetaldehyde, which can damage DNA and is a known carcinogen”

If you are struggling with an alcohol addiction, our New York Drug Rehab center can break your addiction and transition you into a sober, healthy life.

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