Ranking the Most Dangerous Drugs

Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep track of how many drugs are currently causing destruction across the US in teens and young adults. British scientist Dr. David Nutt has created a ranking on the world’s current most dangerous drugs. This ranking takes into consideration the effects of the substance on both the user and society – in terms of family, health, crime, and cost.

The order may surprise you of the top 10 most dangerous drugs in the world right now:

1.Alcohol- A depressant that contributes to over 200 diseases and health conditions. Alcohol also contributes to more fatalities each year than any other drug besides tobacco.

2. Sugar – A major contributor to obesity, studies have shown the white crystals in sugar can be more addictive than cocaine.

3. Heroin -Heroin is an opioid which can cause feelings of euphoria. It is dangerously addictive upon just the first use.

4. Tobacco – Cigarette smoking causes almost half a million premature deaths in the US every year.

5. Crack cocaine – A highly addictive stimulant, crack cocaine can reach your brain in as little as 20 seconds.

6. Methamphetamines – Destructive, dangerously addictive, and habit forming. This drug alters your brain, and can cause psychosis and cognitive defects.

7. Cocaine – causes heart attacks, strokes, and violence

8. Amphetamines boost alertness, but can disrupt your brain chemistry and trigger paranoia.

9. Bath salts such as Flakka cause delirium, hallucinations, and paranoia.

10. Spice “K2” – related to THC in cannabis, it is much more dangerous because it causes anxiety and seizures.

Of other commonly used drugs in teens and young adults, Dr. David Nutt ranks “Molly” at #13, Ecstasy at #16, Cannabis at #21, and mushrooms at #24 out of 30.

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