How Many Painkillers are Prescribed Yearly?

Politicians, doctors, police officers, and substance abuse treatment professionals are fighting their hardest against the opioid wave that’s been sweeping our country. What they’re looking to combat is the root of the problem – prescription painkillers that lead to dependency, and then open the floodgates to cheaper, illegal, street drugs.

A recent look at the Florida Department of Health’s 2016 data indicates that prescription painkillers are still being administered in dangerously high amounts. Whether opioids, stimulants, or Benzodiazepines, these drugs are inciting the biggest opioid addiction and overdose numbers our country has ever seen.

2016 Top 10 Most Commonly Controlled Substances Administered to Florida residents

Drug Number of Prescriptions Drug Number of Prescriptions
Hydrocodone 5,123,070 Clonazepam 2,117,128
Alprazolam 4,385,815 Lorazepam 1,788,012
Oxycodone 4,263,901 Amphetamine 1,585,922
Tramadol 2,763,302 Temazepam 1,328,281
Zolpidem 2,397,758 Diazepam 991,567

 With such high numbers, recovery centers are urging physicians to rethink their prescriptions and suggest more natural methods of healing. At Treatment Alternatives, a Boca Raton drug rehab, we focus our treatment approach on various methods that teach individuals not only how to remove drugs from their life, but alternative methods to healing pain in the future.

Making the decision to enter a Florida drug rehab is not an easy one, but it is nonetheless an important decision that will end up affecting the rest of your life. At Treatment Alternatives, you will receive top quality care for your substance abuse addiction. Once you’ve successfully completed our program, we set you up with an aftercare program that will ensure your continued sobriety throughout the rest of your life.

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