In New Jersey, opioids are a major problem. In 2015 alone, health providers in the state wrote 4.9 million opioid prescriptions [1]. Opioids are some of the most commonly abused drugs nationwide, and their dangers are only compounding. At Treatment Alternatives for New Jersey, we are here to help men and women from New Jersey who are ready to find their sobriety. While opioid addictions in New Jersey are on the rise, sobriety can be found.

How Opiate Addictions in New Jersey Are Worsening

There are many ways people in New Jersey are introduced to opiates. Usually, these drugs are prescribed by doctors after a person completes a medical procedure or has a pain condition that needs treatment. But, opioid prescriptions often result in dangerous side effects of physical dependence and tolerance [2]. This is a deadly combination resulting in opiate addiction.

Prescriptions aren’t the only way addicts are introduced to opioids. These drugs are also sold on the street under generic names, or they can be mixed in with other illegal drugs. With the dangerous physical dependence and tolerance that quickly form, opioid addiction quickly worsens.

Getting Help from Treatment Alternatives for New Jersey

At Treatment Alternatives, we are here to help men and women from New Jersey who are ready to get sober from opiates or other commonly abused drugs. We offer detox, including safe and medically sound opiate withdrawal remedies. With our medically monitored detoxification and opiate withdrawal remedies, patients can find their sobriety.

Following detox, patients will enter inpatient or outpatient treatment programs that provide therapy, counseling, and additional support for recovery. Opiates may be taking New Jersey over, but you don’t have to fall victim to these dangerous and commonly abused drugs. At Treatment Alternatives for New Jersey, we’re here to help you get and stay sober.


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