Is My Partner Using Drugs?


The key to any good relationship is trust, and being in an intimate relationship with someone means trusting them deeply. It’s natural for any partner or spouse to become greatly concerned when their partner begins acting differently; are they cheating? Did they have a change of heart? Are they gambling? Are they using drugs?

Signs of addiction might not be as obvious as we think. Being in an intimate relationship with someone allows you to know them to their core, but those using drugs will go to great lengths to hide their behavior. Treatment Alternatives’ New Jersey drug rehab understands that there is a delicate balance between trusting your partner and overbearing them with questions, but what should you do if you’re concerned your partner is using drugs?

If you are concerned that your partner might be using drugs, look out for the following signs:

Your partner has made unexplainable changes to their routine. Are they suddenly involved with a new group of friends, new hobbies, or keeping strange hours?

Money and household items are going missing. Drug addictions are expensive, and many addicted users will spend any amount of money, or even sell valuable possessions to get their drug of choice, so keep an eye on expenses, odd charges or withdrawals from accounts, and for missing valuables in the home.

Your partner is experiencing abnormal sleep patterns. Drugs and alcohol have substantial negative impacts on a healthy sleep cycle. A person using drugs might be sleeping excessively, or not at all. If your partner seems to be keeping odd sleep hours, they might be involved in drug use.

Your partner is being secretive or distant. Is your partner avoiding your questions? Does it seem like they want to quickly skip over subjects rather than talk about them? Are they being dishonest about where they’re spending their time?

If you’re recognizing the signs of drug use in your partner, contact Treatment Alternatives New Jersey drug rehab for immediate assistance.

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