Many people think that their drinking isn’t that bad, citing the things that haven’t fallen apart…yet. The thing is, alcoholism robs people of everything they love at one point or another. While you still may be holding your job or paying your rent, things can and will go downhill. This is why the concept of a high functioning alcoholic is a myth. An alcoholic is an alcoholic, no matter their employment status, housing situation, or educational background. If alcohol has taken priority, or if you’re using it as a crutch, it’s time to find an alcohol rehab in Boca Raton that can help you get sober.

Alcoholism and Employment

When it comes to the damage of alcoholism, a person’s job is often the last thing that’s damaged by their drinking [1]. This is because alcoholics know that their job is a necessity for buying alcohol [1]. Though workplace performance may suffer, the alcoholic often strives to maintain their employment. They don’t do this for career goals, but rather in pursuit of their vice. While the person may be working hard, they’re working for the wrong reasons. And the toxic effects of alcohol will continue worsening the situation.

Alcoholism and Cognitive Function

Alcohol is a poison, and in high or frequent doses, it can cause damage to cognitive and motor functions [2]. Alcoholism exposes many systems within the brain to an abundance of ethanol which harms ion receptors, potassium channels, and neurological receptors [2]. This results in disfunction throughout the brain, with notable frontal lobe damage. This can cause qualities such as impulsivity, ill-mannered disposition, poor judgement, poor insight, attention retention challenges, and reduced motivation [2].

Even if an alcoholic is holding down their job, the worsening cognitive effects of alcoholism will make their workplace performance and home life worse and worse. There is no such thing as a high functioning alcoholic, there’s only a person who thinks they’re holding things together as they continue to sabotage their own happiness through alcoholism.

Treating Alcoholism

Because alcoholism causes many cognitive issues, many alcoholics are not able to recognize the state of their problem. Binge drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependency are all alcoholism in various forms and intensities. Any form of drinking that results in professional, personal, or legal troubles is a problem. If you or someone you love needs alcohol rehab in Boca Raton, our treatment professionals at Treatment Alternatives are here to help. Our Boca Raton treatment center offers alcohol treatment, therapy, and Boca Raton drug treatment.

There is no such thing as a high functioning alcoholic. The myth of a high functioning alcoholic perpetuates the idea that alcoholism is something which can be maintained alongside a successful life. However, the two never exist at the same time. Alcohol is a poison that continues damaging a person’s life, and sobriety starts by finding an alcohol addiction treatment center that can help with recovery from alcoholism. At Treatment Alternatives, we offer treatment for alcoholism. Contact us to learn more.



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