Heroin Epidemic Continues in New Jersey

Heroin abuse in New Jersey has been identified as the number one health care crisis in the Garden State right now.  Heroin use is spiking statewide, infesting big cities and suburbs alike.

According to VICE News, from 2010 through 2013, New Jersey lost nearly 4,300 residents to drug related deaths. In 2014, there were 781 heroin-related deaths in New Jersey, and the rate has been steadily increasing since 2009. The root of the issue is believed to be the increased rates of prescription painkillers. Over prescription for minor injuries leads to more people using unnecessary painkillers, which is leading to higher addiction rates. Once New Jersey residents are unable to refill their prescriptions, they become desperate and turn to heroin to achieve that same high.

Another possible explanation for the epidemic of heroin abuse in New Jersey is that this state contains extremely pure heroin, much of it being imported from South American through Newark.

There is now a prescription monitoring program set in place by New Jersey legislation, similar to the one set fourth in Massachusetts, to keep a closer watch on patients and their prescriptions. The legislation is still making efforts to increase information sharing amongst doctors to ensure patients are unable to receive multiple prescriptions all over the state.

Here are the top towns with the highest rates of heroin abuse in New Jersey:


2. Jersey City

3. Paterson

4. Camden

5. Atlantic City

6. Elizabeth

7. Toms River

8. Brick

9. Trenton

10. Vineland

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