A Guide to Avoiding Relapse

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is the first step in a lifelong process. Recovery does require a lot of work and effort, and former addicts must ensure that each aspect of their daily life after treatment is conducive to their recovery. Avoiding relapse is critical during recovery, and knowing what can trigger those relapses is the first and most important step to future prevention.

Triggers are any situation that can induce stress, leading to nostalgic thoughts, feelings, or actions involving drugs and alcohol. It is important to understand what can trigger you. At Treatment Alternatives New York, we teach you how to identify, manage, and avoid the triggers that lead to substance abuse relapse.

There are internal and external triggers that can bring on stress and anxiety. Internal triggers include negative memories, upsetting or overwhelming feelings, physical pain, and stress. This can be managed with discussion and therapy.

External triggers may seem a little easier to control, but they can be just as dangerous. Manage your external triggers by being selective in the people, places and situations you allow yourself around.

What are the most effective methods for avoiding relapse? Stay away from the following situations:

-Old “friends “who you used drugs or alcohol with

-Places in which you would frequently use drugs or drink

-An area in which you used to acquire your substance of choice

-Revisiting negative or traumatic memories without proper therapeutic treatment

-Being around bottles of alcohol or drug paraphernalia

-A party or gathering with people who are drinking

-Listening to music in which you commonly used drugs to

-Sporting events or concerts that could motivate you to use

Becoming aware of your triggers is the first step to preventing them, and avoiding relapse. Treatment Alternatives New York helps you to identify what it is that triggers you so that you can have a successful recovery.

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