Tips for Staying Sober

Cycles of Shame and Opiate Addiction

Cycles of Shame and Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction feeds off a variety of factors in a person’s life, including physical controls. While the physical controls of drug addiction, alcoholism, or substance abuse can be powerful, they are not the only factor that keeps addiction active. Many people struggling with opioid addiction face challenging emotions as well, such as shame and guilt. They want to stop using,…

3 Ways Sobriety Will Alter Your Perceptions

Treatment Alternatives, a New York drug rehabilitation center, offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment for those who are ready to get clean, and stay clean. In your recovery and your sobriety, your perspective will change in many ways. Sobriety will change your perception of addiction. Before battling your own addiction, you may think of addiction as a choice; however, this…

Fun Activities for Your Sober New Year

If you are starting off 2017 in recovery from drugs and alcohol, congratulations! The hardest part is behind you. Transitioning from a life full of drugs, alcohol, and blacking out can be a big change into a clean and sober lifestyle. You might find it difficult at first to come up with sober activities to fill your time. Not to…

Science Disagrees with Concept of Drinking in Moderation

When it comes to drinking, it seems the age-old excuse of “drinking in moderation is good for you” has been used by everyone. Alcohol seems to be the go-to pleasure to help people everywhere quickly unwind. Unfortunately, for alcohol companies and those who prefer the “ignorance is bliss” approach, scientists and researchers are now openly disagreeing with the overused justification,…

Mocktails for your Sober Fall Festivities

Treatment Alternatives knows that our clients put a lot of effort into staying sober at parties, and that it can be especially trying during times of celebration with friends and family. Those who are working on staying sober at parties or trying to avoid alcohol altogether this fall, may find themselves not knowing what to drink or constantly being questioned…

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