New Jersey Drug Treatment

Spend Your Summer Getting Sober

Many people, whether it’s for themselves or a loved one, spend months researching facilities attempting to determine which time of year would be most optimal to start treatment. Fortunately, Treatment Alternatives in New Jersey can assist anyone suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction at any time of year, at any age, at any stage of addiction. Now that you’ve…

Is My Partner Using Drugs?

  The key to any good relationship is trust, and being in an intimate relationship with someone means trusting them deeply. It’s natural for any partner or spouse to become greatly concerned when their partner begins acting differently; are they cheating? Did they have a change of heart? Are they gambling? Are they using drugs? Signs of addiction might not…

Science Shows Negative Relationship Between Marijuana and Sleep

Treatment Alternatives, a New Jersey drug rehabilitation center, has a message for marijuana users: marijuana does not help you sleep. New research is suggesting smoking marijuana before bed is having the opposite effects on sleep quality. Research on the relationship between marijuana and sleep is fairly new. However, studies have revealed that those reported being regular marijuana users are almost…

Marijuana Illness in Emergency Rooms

The New Jersey drug rehab at Treatment Alternatives reports a mysterious marijuana illness has been appearing with great frequency in hospitals nationwide, particularly in states with legal marijuana. Doctors have been experiencing a great increase in emergency room patients, reporting severe abdominal pains and violent vomiting. Doctors are calling this marijuana illness Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) is…

Scientists Find Cure for Binge Drinking

Treatment Alternative’s New Jersey drug rehab reports scientists may have discovered a cure to help combat binge drinking. The best part is that the cure is already inside the human brain. Binge drinking is the act of consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol at one time. It is common for alcoholics to use this method to achieve a quick, continuous drunk.…

Top 4 Reasons Teens Use Drugs

The teen years are extremely difficult on both teenagers and their parents. This developmental period for adolescents can be filled with challenges involving self-exploration and questionable decisions. For parents who have invested everything in their children, trying to understand why your teen is now using drugs or alcohol can leave you feeling confused and concerned. The New Jersey drug rehab,…

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