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Signs You’re Physically Addicted to Opioids

The serious nature of substance abuse cannot be understated, especially when it comes to addictive drugs such as opiates. Opiate use is particularly dangerous due to the various harmful effects they have on the body. In the respiratory system, opiates can slow breathing and result in the individual’s death. Opiates can also cause liver damage due to the acetaminophen found…

The Connection Between Addiction and Compulsion

In order to treat addiction at Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts drug rehab, we know it’s important to first understand the world of addiction itself. Addiction describes a repetitive behavior that cannot be stopped by willpower. It is sometimes used to manage difficult feelings. Professionals at the Massachusetts drug rehab know that addiction cannot simply be treated by removing the substance being…

Facts About Opiates

Headlines everywhere are highlighting America’s drug epidemic, with overdose deaths occurring at an all-time high. Chances are you’ve come across these heartbreaking stories of families torn apart and lives lost all too soon because of opiate addictions. Treatment Alternatives Massachusetts drug rehab is here to give you the facts about opiates. What are opiates? Opiates are the technical term for…

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