Heroin, like many other opiates, is highly addictive. At Treatment Alternatives, we are focused on offering effective approaches to heroin, opiate, and addiction treatment. Our heroin treatment center in Boca Raton offers many services for treatment, including Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). This treatment approach typically involves daily or weekly meetings with a sponsor and sobriety support group.

IOP is often the best choice for many individuals in treatment, fitting into a variety of treatment needs. Typically, IOP is ideal for patients who do not need 24/7 rehabilitative care. This can include those who are starting treatment after detox and it can also include individuals who have completed a residential treatment program [1]. When it comes to treating heroin addiction, IOP can be an effective approach.

IOP in Early Recovery

Our opiate treatment center in Boca Raton offers IOP treatment for many stages of heroin recovery, including post-detox early steps in recovery. If a patient does not have medical or therapeutic challenges that warrant the need of constant supervision, an IOP setting may help provide both stability and flexibility during recovery. IOP may not always be the best fit for patients who are suffering physical consequences of long-term heroin use, such as infections, lung complications, or scarred veins [2]. In these instances, PHP or residential treatment will be a better fit.

IOP After Residential Treatment

For many people in recovery, the days or weeks after completing residential treatment can be a challenge in maintaining sobriety. Entering back into routines, such as a job or educational routines, can be overwhelming. IOP treatment offers a social support group that can be crucial in maintaining sobriety. Support groups allow newly sober people to develop drug-free friendships to support their sobriety [3].

IOP offers a solid backbone for reintegration back into everyday life after completing a treatment program. This helps newly sober individuals get back into the swing of things without falling back into dangerous heroin habits. Our heroin treatment center in Boca Raton offers supportive IOP services for people at all stages of recovery.

Help for Yourself or a Loved One

Whether you’re looking for heroin IOP treatment for yourself or a loved one, our opiate treatment center in Boca Raton offers the services you need. Our IOP treatment is ideal for addressing heroin and opiate addiction. We also offer residential services. Contact us to learn more.



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