Emotions have considerable power over a person’s motivations, actions, and behavioral patterns. Anger is a powerful emotion that can be all-consuming. Unfortunately, many people turn to alcohol to reduce their negative emotions, such as anger [1]. There is a strong correlation between anger and substance abuse, especially alcoholism. At Treatment Alternatives, we offer drug treatment and alcohol treatment, and our programs can help address anger disorders and alcoholism. Alcoholics may think that their drinking dulls their anger, but multiple studies show that alcohol consumption only worsens anger responses [1]. Alcohol doesn’t fix problems, it only worsens them. A multifaceted treatment approach is crucial.

Anger and the Body

Anger is an emotion that is closely linked to fear, causing stress within the body [2]. Anger can interfere with cognitive levels and put the body in a state of excitement that can be stressful [2]. The cognitive effects of anger reduce the quality of a person’s judgement. Physical effects of anger can include cardiovascular stress and heightened blood pressure [2]. Alcohol consumption can worsen these effects, putting a person’s health at further risk.

Many times, a person will drink to dull their negative emotions. But studies show that when a person drinks to control their anger, their anger responses are often heightened. This is because alcohol can further alter cognitive function, resulting in poor decision making and impulse control. Alcohol negatively reinforces anger through the appearance of tension reduction [1].

To put it simply, anger and alcoholism work in vicious cycles that keep worsening as the alcoholism continues. The isolating effects of alcoholism can result in greater anger or depression, feeding into continuation of the alcohol abuse. Without professional treatment, this cycle keeps going.

Anger and Relapse

In addition to encouraging alcoholism, anger can also trigger relapse. As a person works on their sobriety, they’ll encounter many stresses and frustrating situations. If the alcoholic hasn’t learned the right coping tools for their anger and related negative emotions, they will likely turn back to alcohol as an attempt to cope with the struggles of new sobriety [1]. Though relapse is typically caused by many factors, the presence of anger during recovery can put sobriety at risk.

Addressing Anger and Alcoholism

At Treatment Alternatives, we know that multifaceted alternative drug treatment and alcohol treatment are vital. We offer addiction therapy in Boca Raton, FL to address alcoholism, anger, and many other challenges. Our alternatives treatment center offers a healing environment to treat all aspects of anger and alcoholism. Often, the connections between the two require alternative therapy in Boca Raton, FL for successful treatment.

If you are searching for treatment for yourself or for a loved one, we are here to help. Anger and alcoholism are complex connected issues that can be challenging to treat without the right alternative drug treatment. Patients need to learn coping techniques, sobriety lifestyle changes, and much more to get and stay sober. Anger and alcoholism are not healthy for a person’s longevity. Let our team at Treatment Alternatives help treat these challenges with our personalized treatments. Call today and change your life with alcohol addiction treatment.




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