Teen & Young Adult Addiction

Sad looking teen. Young adults and teens are prone to addiction's struggles.

Young adults always change the world they’ve grown into, and millennials are the largest generation since the baby boomers, so they’re sure to make an impact. But, changing social and professional environments are creating stresses for Millennials and Generation Z. Teens and young adults are facing a challenging landscape that pushes addiction and related issues. At Treatment Alternatives, we offer Boca Raton drug treatment to help teens and young adults find their sobriety.

Millennials and Addiction


With faces buried in their smartphones, millennials face unique challenges. 39 percent of millennials interact more with their smartphones than they do with people, and this type of isolated interaction spells disaster for mental health [1]. It creates an unattainable standard in which millennials try to make their lives as polished as their social media pages, trying to live as perfectly as their online persona makes them out to be.

Other challenges create a more dangerous climate for addiction with millennials. For millennials who “peaked” at younger ages, they may have despondency as they grow into adulthood. Millennials are experimenting with more dangerous drugs, such as OxyContin, Adderall, and Vicodin [2]. These drugs and opiates are all dangerous for sobriety. Pressures of emerging into a challenging workforce, mounting debt, and personal struggles are making addiction a challenge for millennials. Our heroin treatment center in Boca Raton can help.

Generation Z and Addiction


While Millennials came of age during the advent of our most modern technologies, Gen Z has only known a screen-riddled world. Many psychologists fear that Gen Z is addicted to smartphones, having never know a world without them [3]. As with Millennials, this connection to smartphones creates a despondency where teens and young adults are trying to live an all too perfect life like the one on their social media feed.

Additionally, Gen Z faces unique generational challenges. Raised by Gen X, Gen Z’s young adults are more cynical to the world around them. They’re also in a situation where they’re experiencing the realities of the world at a faster rate, causing unique challenges and difficulties. This can lead to improper coping mechanisms in drugs and alcohol. At Treatment Alternatives, our alcohol addiction and heroin treatment center can help Gen Z find their sobriety.

Treating Addiction for Teens & Young Adults


Teens and young adults of all generations face unique challenges in terms of sobriety, recovery, anxiety, and addiction. At Treatment Alternatives, we offer patient-focused drug and alcohol treatment for teens and young adults in Gen Z and Millennial generations. If you, a friend, a child, or a loved one needs treatment, call us today for dedicated Boca Raton drug treatment. We can address all aspects of addiction, helping teens and young adults find sobriety.



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