Addicted Adults

Sad man sitting. Addiction can be tough, but sobriety is possible.Addiction is nothing new, and sadly, it’s not a rare problem anymore. In fact, nearly half of Americans, of all ages and demographics, know someone who has struggled with addiction [1]. Usually, the addicted person is a loved one, friend, or close family member. Considering that nearly half of the country has seen addiction in one way or another, it’s no surprise that addiction’s numbers are on the rise across all demographics nationwide.

With over 20 million Americans facing a drug or alcohol use disorder [2], it’s important to fight back. Adults of all ages are struggling with addiction, but it is possible to get sober. At Treatment Alternatives, we offer Florida drug detox in Boca alongside a complete treatment program to help adults find their sobriety. Adults who are ready to get sober are encouraged to call our addiction hotline.

Why Adults Are Dealing with Addiction

There are many factors that contribute to addiction’s rise among adults. While teens and young adults may have tried drugs or alcohol due to risk-taking behaviors, adults turn to drugs and alcohol for different reasons. Teens and young adults have decreased control or perception of dangerous behaviors because their brains are still developing. In fact, the brain doesn’t stop developing until age 25 [3]. So, when a teen or young adult chooses drugs and alcohol, they’re making that decision while their brain is still fully forming. Adults, on the other hand, typically have all rational and cognitive systems developed, meaning addiction and alcoholism are spurned by different influences.

There are many factors that push adults to drugs and alcohol. Mental health disorders are a major cause of addiction, where adults who don’t get treatment may turn to drugs or alcohol to try to self-medicate their symptoms. Workplace challenges can also cause adults to abuse drugs or alcohol. Sudden loss, major life changes, and other stressful factors may contribute to addiction. Successful addiction treatment for adults must include care to address behavioral, emotional, and physical components of an active addiction.

Addiction in the Workplace

With adults, addiction can be a problem that spills into additional spaces. Meeting your responsibilities at home and at work can be nearly impossible with addiction in the picture. Addicted adults have trouble at work and may even risk their employment or careers due to their addiction. The sooner you get sober, the better. Generally, employers support employee recovery, and you can find professional drug, alcohol, and marijuana treatment centers in Boca Raton to help you get sober and get back to work.

Addiction Treatment for Adults

Whether struggling with alcoholism or addiction, adults need professional help to find their sobriety. Therapeutic and medical support are crucial for Florida drug detox in Boca. Treatment professionals are also instrumental in helping adults develop skills of sobriety that they can carry for the long-term. Finding drug, alcohol, and marijuana treatment centers in Boca Raton has never been easier. Call our addiction hotline today to get the help you need to live the happy, healthy, and sober life you deserve.



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