About the Treatment Alternatives Staff

The success of any treatment program is dependent upon the expertise, compassion, and dedication of the staff at the facility. Helping people through the early stages of detox and treatment is intense. A quality facility must deliver superior services to all clients. Staff to client ratio determines successful delivery of services, the skill level of the staff, the staff’s ability to follow best practices of substance abuse treatment, the ability to handle comprehensive treatment protocols for co-occurring disorders, etc.

Treatment Alternatives’ staff includes physicians’ experts in addiction medicine, Master level therapists, certified addiction therapists, certified addiction technicians, and licensed holistic therapists such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, art therapists, and certified yoga instructors. Our general therapist/client ratio is 1/8. In this way, we keep a truly individualized approach to our treatment plans and make sure that the therapist and clinicians know every one of their clients. Progress can only be made if the staff evaluate each client regularly.

The latest research shows that the majority of treatment facilities are still practicing addiction treatment that are decades old. We are proud to offer our clients the best substance abuse treatment possible, following the latest guidelines and scientific research, under the guidance of medical, clinicians, and supporting staff with expertise in addiction treatment.



Steve Manko – CEO, Founder

Steve MankoSteven Manko’s journey of recovery is the story of one man’s belief in the American Dream. The dream that one can come back from the destruction of chemical dependency and build a life that makes a difference. Steve has plenty of what it takes—courage, determination, and especially a concern for others.

His life can best be described as a voyage having reached the highest levels of success in both society and business circles to the downward spiral of self-destruction and into the depths of addiction. One morning he awakened to the reality that he had lost everything and was powerless over his addiction. This was a very bitter pill for Steve to swallow.

After searching for reputable treatment centers, he selected South Florida and the Hanley-Hazelden Center, recognizing Hazelden as the great pioneer in the field. It was here that he received the help he needed and slowly began to reclaim his life and his dignity. After obtaining sobriety, Steve decided not to return home but to remain in Florida where his sober support system was. It didn’t take long for him to recognize what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Steve began to reach out to others with his personal story as well as with his dream and model of recovery. Now, 29 years later, hundreds of rehabilitation facilities exist in this area as a result of his vision and passion.

His long term programs embrace people at every level of recovery and in every socioeconomic parallel with an unprecedented success rate. The synergistic effects of Steve’s efforts in South Florida impacted all levels of care from Medical Detox, Outpatient Treatment, Sober Living Communities, and Graduate Housing and elevated this area to be recognized nationally as the largest recovery community in the world.

Steve won a landmark case at the Federal Court level for discrimination against disabled persons; the millions of addicts and alcoholics, both in an out of recovery, that suffer from this life destructive disease. This nationwide epidemic has untold costs. The case took 5 years and millions of dollars plus the emotional toll and financial drain on Steve and his family. As a result of his commitment to stay the fight and with the support of ACLU and the Department of Justice, Federal law now protects the rights of recovering men and women against discrimination in and where they live. They can no longer be treated as outcasts but rather can live anywhere within the communities becoming contributing members to society. This legal victory is, perhaps, the greatest legacy of the man we call Steve Manko.



Alana Manko – Executive Vice President

Alana MankoAlana is a licensed Counselor, Interventionist, Life Coach and Eating Disorders specialist, she is also the heart and soul of Treatment Alternatives Center and oversees the daily operations. She came to the United States from Russia and worked as a professional in the financial sector designing the planning and implementation of long term financial security for others. Alana attributes her success in work and life to her deep and genuine compassion for others. Operating from a true level of integrity, she tirelessly works with those who come to Treatment Alternatives in search for a better way to live. Today Treatment Alternatives Center is her passion, and she is proud to be actively involved in an industry that is directly responsible for contributing to the betterment of individuals and society as a whole.

Having accomplished much in her own life, Alana’s enthusiasm, leadership, and zest for life is a wonderful example to those who come to Treatment Alternatives, and especially our women clients, of how anyone can accomplish any goal they set for themselves in life, once they make a decision.



Sean Young – Primary Therapist

^45A07060896D248072BF68C71F78BB7648F803FAE2A925628F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrSean Young Graduated West Virginia University 93’ with B.A. I am certified by Florida Certification Board (FCB) and The International Certification & Reciprocity board (ICRC). I have worked in the therapeutic community for over 10 years with adolescents and adults. I use CBT and DBT with individuals to help build a strong foundation with their recovery. I have dedicated my practice to providing each client with individual support and attention as needed to meet treatment goals, and help clients identify and build on strengths to maintain long term success.



Dr. Frantz E. Colin – Director of Utilization Review

FrantzReceived his Doctor of Medicine (MD) in 2008 from Medical University of the Americas, Nevis, WI. He was certified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) on November 19, 2009. He currently is the Acting Director for the Utilization Review Department with Treatment Alternatives based in Boca Raton, FL. Treatment Alternatives is an Addiction, Drug Rehab Facility involved in the treatment of addictions and assistance with maintaining sobriety he learned the importance of mental health education and awareness, prior to individuals seeking recovery. A former Alumni of Barry University c/o 1999, he is also an adjunct faculty for The Barry University School of Nursing and Public Health. Currently, Dr. Colin is the CEO/Founder of the Colin Cares Foundation, Inc. a not-for-profit created to put an end to stigma, shame, and fear associated with mental health illness, by raising awareness and providing public education. The communities targeted are those communities which are impacted mostly by cultural stigmas, ie African –American, Caribbean, Hispanic and LGBT communities. Dr. Colin also plans to guide individuals to seek appropriate treatment, and create and implement strategies to reduce the rates of suicide by implementing suicide prevention plans and other mental health safety plans. He volunteers regularly, with community-based organizations targeting and assisting to eradicate the spread of HIV/AIDS locally and globally and he also promotes the importance of LGBT Health.

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