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4 Reasons to Get Sober Today

Posted in Massachusetts Addiction Center, Massachusetts drug rehab on April 20, 2017 | by Editor

  If you’re looking for motives to quit your drug or alcohol habit for good, the Massachusetts drug rehab at Treatment Alternatives has 4 reasons to get sober that will help motivate you to make a change right away! Reason 1: To stay alive Those battling with an addiction day in and day out must Read more

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NYC Hair Samples Show Prevalence of Designer Drugs

Posted in New York Drug and Alcohol rehab on April 18, 2017 | by Editor

Treatment Alternative’s New York drug rehab reports that researchers in New York are expressing concern over the amount of “designer drugs” being used by young party goers in the city. A study was conducted to determine just how much of these drugs are being used in New York nightlife and party scenes in 2015. Researchers Read more

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Is My Partner Using Drugs?

Posted in Addiction, New Jersey drug rehab, New Jersey Drug Treatment on April 11, 2017 | by Editor

  The key to any good relationship is trust, and being in an intimate relationship with someone means trusting them deeply. It’s natural for any partner or spouse to become greatly concerned when their partner begins acting differently; are they cheating? Did they have a change of heart? Are they gambling? Are they using drugs? Read more

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Natural Remedies for Depression

Posted in New York Drug and Alcohol rehab on April 5, 2017 | by Editor

There is no single cause for depression. Many life circumstances can work together to make a person feel despondent and overwhelmed, including traumatic life events, illnesses, genetics, and drug or alcohol abuse. Depression and substance abuse are frequently associated in a vicious cycle that seems impossible to break from. At Treatment Alternatives New York drug Read more

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Why It’s Difficult to Recognize Addiction in Teens

Posted in Massachusetts Addiction Center, Teenage Alcoholism, Teenage Drug Abuse on April 4, 2017 | by Editor

The teenage years are extremely tough on parents, who spend day and night trying to ensure their teen is staying on the right track for adulthood. Parents worry a lot about who their children are spending time with, and if their child is growing up in a positive environment of peers and family members. As Read more

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New Massachusetts Syringe Exchange Program Promises to Help the Opioid Epidemic

Posted in Massachusetts Addiction Center on April 3, 2017 | by bill

When it comes to revolutionizing how the opioid epidemic battle is fought, Massachusetts is at the top of the game. Massachusetts drug rehabs continue to prove why their state is home to some of the most advanced methods for finding addiction with the recent creation of the syringe exchange program. The new syringe exchange program Read more

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Understanding and Identifying Addiction Triggers

Posted in Addiction, treatment alternatives on April 3, 2017 | by Editor

 Undergoing drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Treatment Alternative’s Boca Raton rehab means learning life skills to avoid potential relapse in the future. A major key to avoiding relapse is understanding and identifying addiction triggers, which can que a relapse. What is an addiction trigger? An addiction trigger is any scenario that gives a person Read more

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3 Opioid Alternatives for Chronic Pain

Posted in New Jersey Drug Treatment on April 1, 2017 | by Editor

  The Center for Disease Control is taking the rise of opioid abuse very seriously, and has issued a statement declaring that opioid painkillers, such as oxycodone and morphine, should not be the go-to therapy for treating chronic pain. There are plenty of other opioid alternatives that will not only take care of your chronic Read more

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3 Ways Sobriety Will Alter Your Perceptions

Posted in New York Drug and Alcohol rehab, Tips for Staying Sober, treatment alternatives on March 11, 2017 | by Editor

Treatment Alternatives, a New York drug rehabilitation center, offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment for those who are ready to get clean, and stay clean. In your recovery and your sobriety, your perspective will change in many ways. Sobriety will change your perception of addiction. Before battling your own addiction, you may think of addiction Read more

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Science Shows Negative Relationship Between Marijuana and Sleep

Posted in drug abuse, New Jersey drug rehab, New Jersey Drug Treatment on March 11, 2017 | by Editor

Treatment Alternatives, a New Jersey drug rehabilitation center, has a message for marijuana users: marijuana does not help you sleep. New research is suggesting smoking marijuana before bed is having the opposite effects on sleep quality. Research on the relationship between marijuana and sleep is fairly new. However, studies have revealed that those reported being Read more

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