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New Genetic Test Can Tell if You Are at Risk for Opioid Addiction

Posted in New York Drug and Alcohol rehab on April 28, 2016 | by bill

According to addiction and pain specialists at Roswell Pain Specialists Dr. Damon Christian Kimes, a new genetic test can determine if you are susceptible to opioid addiction. This genetic test, called Proove Opioid Risk genetic profile, analyzes individual’s DNA and assesses their risk for opioid addiction. With claims of a 92 percent accuracy rate in Read more

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New York Now Only Allows Electronic Prescriptions

Posted in New York Drug and Alcohol rehab on April 21, 2016 | by bill

In an attempt to diffuse the opioid addiction crisis that has been growing in New York, the Empire State is embracing the digital age with electronic prescriptions. This is one practice that local authorities are not taking lightly; physicians who don’t comply with the new policy will be issued fines and face potential imprisonment. The Read more

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Cinco de Sober: How to Have a Sober Cinco de Mayo

Posted in Recovery During Holidays on April 20, 2016 | by bill

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, now is the time to start getting prepared regarding how to fiesta without having to give up your sobriety in the process. Along with so many other holidays, alcohol is one of the main components when it comes to celebrating Cinco de Mayo; however, this year marks Read more

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Flaked Actor Relapses While Filming

Posted in Celebrity Addiction on April 13, 2016 | by bill

New Netflix series Flaked reveals Will Arnett may be more like his character than we realize; recently, he revealed that while working on the show, he had his first drink in over 15 years. Arnett shared that, “Hardly anyone knows this, but I started drinking again.” Having initially started drinking in 2000 after the cancellation Read more

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Why This Celebrity Has a Hard Time Staying Sober

Posted in New York Drug and Alcohol rehab on April 12, 2016 | by bill

For those having a hard time while going through New York drug treatment, it will be comforting to know that you are not the only one. The drummer from British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Nicko McBrain, has recently revealed in an interview that getting clean and staying sober is one of the hardest things Read more

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NYPD Undercover Drug Sting Focuses on Addicts Instead of Dealers

Posted in New York Drug and Alcohol rehab on April 5, 2016 | by bill

Recently, the NYPD have been going after drug addicts by going undercover throughout the New York areas most heavily hit with addiction. For two of the people who have been arrested during the stings, they were initially approached by undercover cops who asked them if they could buy them $40 worth of crack or heroin. Read more

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Who Is More Likely to Suffer from a Prescription Pill Overdose?

Posted in Opiate Abuse, Opiates and Opioids, Opioid Abuse on April 4, 2016 | by bill

With the recent opioid pain pill epidemic taking off throughout the United States, unintentional overdose deaths have been skyrocketing in the past decade. The biggest culprit of these overdose deaths? Opioid pain pills such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet, and other pills used to treat chronic pain. As people move away from expensive pharmaceuticals to cheaper Read more

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What You Need to Know About Lyrica Addiction

Posted in Lyrica Addiction on March 29, 2016 | by bill

Did you know that one of the most abused drugs is one that a lot of people do not even know about? For those who are unfamiliar with the 19th most abused drug in America, allow Treatment Alternatives to help you get acquainted with Lyrica. Earning more than three billion dollars per year, Lyrica was Read more

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Hollywood Heroin Strikes Massachusetts

Posted in Heroin Abuse, Massachusetts Addiction Center on March 29, 2016 | by bill

As if the heroin epidemic in Massachusetts has not been enough of a problem, along came Hollywood heroin. A lethal strain of heroin, this particular type of heroin has been named Hollywood heroin by the police because it has been branded with that name by the original dealer. Still unsure of how long this strain Read more

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The Opioid and Heroin Addiction Prevention Act of New Jersey Will Help Stop Drug Abuse

Posted in New Jersey Drug Treatment on March 28, 2016 | by bill

Did you know that nearly half of all individuals who inject heroin begin their addiction with an opioid prescription? In an effort to cut down on the amount of people developing a heroin addiction as a result from being prescribed opiates, the state of New Jersey has passed a new bill – The Opioid and Read more

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